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Honda Dream Drive In-Vehicle Experience Transforms the Way You Drive

Honda Dream Drive Innovation

Honda is a global brand that consistently pushes the boundaries of what vehicles offer. Their new Dream Drive innovation, unveiled at CES 2019, is a whole new paradigm of in-vehicle experience, blurring the line between vehicle and computer, raising the bar for future automotive manufacturing.

The driving force (pun intended) behind these innovations from Honda is convenience, enabling drivers and passengers to complete on-road tasks (such as making restaurant reservations or purchasing movie tickets) via touchscreen or utilizing voice commands. However, it also delivers a slew of cutting edge entertainment options and functionalities not currently available with any other car on the market.

About the Honda Dream Drive Innovation

The vision for the Honda Dream Drive is to set the new standard for vehicle infotainment systems. In order to make this innovative technology happen, Honda partnered with the world’s leading consumer brands and retailers. These partnerships have introduced the most interactive in-vehicle experience available to date. They incorporate all the goods, services, and functionality of mobile device applications into in-vehicle consoles and through second screens.

Among the companies integrating with Honda are LEGO Group, Yelp, USAA, Chevron USA, iHeartRadio, Atom Tickets, and more. This effort, according to Honda executives, is part of the effort to gamify travel experiences. Since, for many, driving has become a constant, mundane reality of everyday life, Honda wants to make this experience novel again. 

Features and Capabilities of Honda’s In-Vehicle Experience

The mobile-based dashboard offered by Honda’s Dream Drive in-vehicle experience offers capabilities for both drivers and passengers. Learn more about what you can enjoy with this feature:  


In CES 2017, the in-vehicle payment technology, in partnership with Visa, was introduced by Honda. This year, they have integrated an expansion to this particular technology. Drivers are now able to use this in-vehicle payment system to pay for gas, tickets, and parking. You can also make lifestyle purchases such as food orders (for both pickup and delivery) or reserve a dinner table en route to the restaurant. It has provided more flexibility in terms of what drivers can do.


Passengers will also love the new capabilities offered by Honda’s Dream Drive innovation. Passengers can play mixed reality games, incorporating the movement of the car and GPS location into a fantasy video game on your tablet. They can also use the system access libraries of music and movies to enjoy. Other entertainment features include listening to the radio, reading comics, using travel apps, and exploring points of interest along the route.

The Dream Drive innovation is a breakthrough, truly blending the worlds of automotive innovating and lifestyle technology to create an unprecedented experience. If you are a tech-savvy driver, keep your eye on the future of Honda; we think you’ll really like what’s coming.

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