CES 2019 Showcase: Smart Ovens, Toilets, Washing Machines, and More


The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 is taking place in Las Vegas this year, right now. CES is one of the most anticipated events for tech fanatics as it showcases the latest developments in mass consumption technology. A focal point of excitement this year is surrounding the significant number of new developments and products in the area of smart home devices.

The Lure of Smart Technology

Since the advent of smartphones, the concept of smart technology has come a long way. It has transformed the way users and consumers view certain products that are familiar. What were once simple tools that served a single purpose now anticipate your needs, learn, and even improve, to enrich your life and maximize your convenience.

It is estimated that over one billion smart devices will be sold worldwide by 2022, an incredible testament to the popularity of smart home technology. According to the Consumer Technology Association (the organization behind CES), over 37 million smart speaker devices will be sold in 2019.

This is a 5% increase over the sales of smart devices in 2018. As new smart devices are being introduced into the market, starting with the CES 2019 showcase, you can expect these numbers to continue rising.

Smart Devices for the Home

Smart kitchen – Image Source: Samsung

Companies like Samsung, Whirlpool, and Kohler are among the ranks of those that are joining the CES 2019 event. They’ll be introducing a wide range of smart devices for the home to enrich the lives of families. According to Samsung spokesperson, Louis Masses, their aim in developing smart devices is to “be innovative in ways that customers don’t think they need.” They are one step ahead, providing solutions to problems that users don’t even realize cause them strain in their daily lives.

Smart Oven

An excellent example of this is Whirlpool’s smart oven. An oven is straightforward, and it gets the job done; but, now, it can do so much more. Whirlpool has developed an oven where the window doubles as a display screen. The window display enables you to check what is roasting inside the oven, just like an ordinary oven. But it also goes next level by displaying animations that show you where to place your food for optimal cooking.

Aside from providing optimal cooking tips, it can also integrate into your lifestyle and routine. The smart oven can sync with your digital calendar. This enables the oven to make recommendations on the best recipes to prepare given the time that you have. It simplifies your life in the kitchen and eliminates the guesswork.

In the event you are cooking for a party, the smart oven offers even more benefits. It can help you coordinate multiple recipes that are cooking simultaneously, ensuring that every meal cooks to perfection. If you’ve ever cooked, ever, then you know how easy it is to burn something when you are juggling too many tasks at once!

With the smart oven, you won’t have to worry about undercooking or overcooking your side dishes. There is also a smart feature with the oven that enables you to zoom in on the food that you are cooking inside the oven. You no longer have to open the oven door to check; thus, allowing you to maintain the optimal cooking temperature inside.

Smart Toilet

Kohler brings one of the most intriguing applications of smart technology in this year’s CES showcase.

Numi is the smart toilet that is designed to respond to voice commands. You can now operate your home toilet hands-free since most of the functions are activated by voice. Just speak to raise or lower the lid on your toilet. Just say the word, and the toilet will flush. If you feel weird talking to your toilet (you’ll get used to it), you can also control these functionalities through an app.

This smart toilet brings efficiency as well as better hygiene to the bathroom experience. Other features include a heated seat as well as speakers that can play music or deliver the news.

Smart Washing Machine

Smart washing machine from Whirlpool – Image Source: Whirlpool

Just as Whirlpool promises to bring the smart oven technology to CES 2019, they are also showcasing their new smart washing machine. The smart front-load washer and dryer from Whirlpool is one of the brand’s highlight showcase for CES 2019.

There are a few key features that were highlighted during the presentation of Whirlpool’s smart washing machine at CES. The Load & Go Dispenser feature is smart and efficient. It auto-distributes detergent while your clothes are being washed. Another smart feature of this Whirlpool washer and dryer is the touchscreen display. This touchscreen feature is available for both the washer and dryer.

Finally, the Whirlpool smart washing machine can be integrated with Alexa or Google Assistant voice commands. This will make it easier to keep track of your laundry by using voice technology.

Whirlpool has introduced a wide range of smart laundry appliances at CES 2019. They also confirmed that these appliances will be compatible with the Wear OS by Google, also becoming available this year. This smart washing machine is expected to be released during the first half of 2019. The price range for the smart washing machine will range from $1,499 to $1,649.

Other Smart Devices

The smart ovens, toilets, and washing machines that were unveiled at CES 2019 are merely the highlights. There are many other interesting devices equipped with smart technology for consumers to get excited about this coming year. Among them is a smart tub from Kohler that has the ability to auto adjust the water temperature to your preference. Another forthcoming smart device for the kitchen is the smart faucet. This one dispenses the right amount of water needed for your recipe. It is a smart and efficient functionality that is also good for the environment.

In addition, there are smart products like the smart mirror that analyzes your skin to recommend the right skin care products. And, of course, Samsung offers a slew of smart devices that includes their smart refrigerator.