Verizon’s Inseego 5G Hotspot

Inseego 5G Hotspot

As one of the leading telecommunications companies in the U.S., Verizon recently announced the launch of its first 5G hotspot device in 2019 in collaboration with Inseego Corp. The device uses the Snapdragon 855 chip and the Snapdragon X50 5G modem from Qualcomm. It is also the first 5G hotspot device to feature actual “5G NR” support.

What’s Great About the Inseego 5G Hotspot?

The Inseego MiFi 5G Hotspot Device
Image Source: Inseego

Inseego made a statement that the 5G hotspot device reached “more than two Gbps of speed and sub-10 milliseconds of latency in multiple component carrier aggregation (CA) scenarios,” claiming the tests to be “real-world trial data that marks a major milestone.”

The plan was to present the hotspot device in Qualcomm’s technology summit. Using the hotspot, they will execute a “live virtual reality telemedicine demonstration in partnership with Columbia University.” The low latency delivered by the 5G connection will be put to the test. The compatibility with Wifi-6 is also another thing that the hotspot offers.

Verizon and 5G Technology

Verizon is one of the first telecommunication companies to offer 5G connectivity. Here’s what you need to know about Verizon 5G Technology and other important details:


To meet the demands of having internet speeds with low latency, Verizon will initially deploy its 5G network on a millimeter wave spectrum (mmWave). The 5G service to roll out first will be on the 28 GHz spectrum.

Since the high-band spectrum cannot cover a large area, Verizon aims to build out its 5G connection throughout the U.S. with small cells. Eventually, a mid-band and low-band spectrum will be deployed by the company.


In 2019, standards-based mobile 5G will be released by Verizon. Three devices are already confirmed by Verizon to feature the 5G network. In August 2018, Verizon announced the Moto Z3 with the compatible MotoMod. A release date has not yet been confirmed but it is expected to be in 2019’s first half.

The Samsung 5G smartphone and the Inseego 5G hotspot were announced in December 2018, though the release dates are not yet confirmed as well.

Fixed 5G

It is likely for Verizon to be the first carrier to offer fixed 5G. The pre-standard fixed 5G was released in some parts of Houston, Indianapolis, Sacramento, and Los Angeles in October 2018. The 5G NR is also expected to replace the pre-standard 5G in the coming months. More locations across the U.S. are also targeted for the deployment of fixed 5G from Verizon.

The Inseego R1000 is a home router from Verizon which provides the 5G connection in the four locations mentioned.

With these developments, it’s no surprise that the industry is excited for the widespread release of 5G. The new standard promises to be a game-changer, and users will eventually reap the benefits of faster and better mobile internet.

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