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The Best New iOS 16 Features Coming to iPhones

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During its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple showcased new features coming to iPhones this Fall. With the iOS 16 update, you can personalize your lock screen, edit your text messages after sending them, and even copy objects from your photos. Here are the best new iOS 16 features that Apple announced at WWDC, when you can start using them, and which iPhones will be compatible with the update.

Personalized Lock Screen

Apple kicked off the WWDC event by showcasing the new personalized lock screen of iOS 16. This will allow you to add any picture you want to your lock screen, and it will keep the subject of the image in front of the clock to add depth. Then you can customize the colors, change the font, and more.

lock screen
(Image Source: Apple)

You will even be able to add widgets directly to your lock screen, so you can see important information without unlocking your iPhone. While you can already access widgets without unlocking your iPhone, you can only add them to your Today View screen currently.

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Personalized Lock Screen widgets
(Image Source: Apple)

And you can create multiple lock screens with different styles and switch between them during the day. In fact, Apple has already loaded some of its own lock screens that show you the live weather conditions, as well as an astronomy wallpaper that animates directly into the wallpaper when you unlock your iPhone.

Smarter (and smaller) Notifications

To avoid covering your new lock screen, Apple also changed the way that notifications show up. With iOS 16, you can choose to stack your notifications at the bottom of your screen or hide them completely. Then you can choose to roll your notifications up when you need to see them again.

best ios 16 features
(Image Source: Apple)

In addition, Apple has added a new feature that lets you see live notifications from your iPhone lock screen. With Live Activities, you will be able to quickly check the score of a baseball game or track a delivery driver in real-time without unlocking your iPhone.

live actions ios 16
(Image Source: Apple)

Much-Needed Messages Fixes

In response to users, Apple has fixed several things in the Messages app that have been a long time coming. With iOS 16, you will be able to edit text messages that you already sent, recall recently sent messages, and mark messages as unread if you don’t have time to respond to them immediately.

undo send
(Image Source: Apple)

Quick Actions for Live Text

Live Text was first introduced with iOS 15 last year, allowing you to copy text from photos, screenshots, or the Camera app. Now, Apple has upgraded Live Text with a feature called Quick Actions. With iOS 16, you will get the option to instantly translate text or convert a currency directly from the camera.

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live text ios 16
(Image Source: Apple)

The Live Text feature will also work with video now, allowing you to pause and copy text from any frame.

Visual Look Up Gets ‘Magical’

During the WWDC, there was one feature that Apple said, “feels like magic,” and it certainly looks like it too. With the updates to Visual Look Up, you can now tap and hold on the subject of an image and lift it away from the background. Then you can move it to another app, like Messages. gif maker 1
(Image Source: Apple)

However, Apple says this feature will only be available in Photos, screenshots, Quick Look, Safari, and other select apps. Plus, this will only work on iPhones that have the A12 Bionic chip or later, which was first introduced with the iPhone XS in 2018.  

My Sports in News

If you’re a sports fan, you’re going to love the new My Sports feature in iOS 16. This free section in the Apple News app will show you real-time scores, let you watch video highlights, and more – right from your news feed. You can also pick your favorite teams and sync your settings across all your Apple devices.

my sports ios 16
(Image Source: Apple)

Redesigned Home App

Apple claims it rebuilt the Home app “from the ground up to be even more efficient and reliable.” With iOS 16, you will now be able to see a view of all your smart cameras when you open the Home app. In the Home tab, you will be able to see all the devices in your smart home at once, so you can control them with a single tap.  

apple home app ios 16
(Image Source: Apple)

In addition, the iOS 16 update will bring support for the Matter smart home connectivity standard, which will allow you to control more smart home devices from the biggest brands in the space. This means you won’t have to use Alexa or Google to control your smart home devices soon.   

Which iPhones Will be Compatible with iOS 16?

The iOS 16 update will be available for the iPhone 8 and newer models, including the 2nd generation iPhone SE. That means Apple cut the entire line of iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 models from the new update, both of which were compatible with several years of updates.

Which iPhones are Compatible with iOS 16
(Image Source: Apple)

However, it is also important to note that some iOS 16 features will require more advanced processors, which are only found in newer iPhone models.

When Will the New iOS 16 Features be Released?

Apple said iOS 16 will be available for all users sometime this Fall. A public beta will also be available in a public beta set to be released next month. However, as we learned from the iOS 15 launch, some features will not be available for several months after the update is released.

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