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The Best Mobile Apps in 2018 to Keep Your Kids Engaged

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If you’re a parent, you’ve probably thought of sparing your children their seemingly impending addiction to mobile games; but that’s easier said than done. Compared to cartoons and toys today, mobile apps are dominating the market, making it almost impossible to keep kids away from them.

But not all mobile games are created equal.

There are a wide array of mobile apps that simultaneously immerse kids in fun and learning. If you can’t beat-em, learn about them and use them wisely to enrich your child’s mind and life.

This article will highlight notable apps on Android and iOS (free and not) that will make playtime for your child worthwhile.

Best Games and Apps for Your Child This 2018 (in no particular order)

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Terraria (Android and iOS)

If your kid is a creative builder, then they’ll love Terraria – a mini-Minecraft world where they can craft 2D environments, go on exploration missions, and do all sorts of building. For around $6, your child can bring out their full creative potential whenever and wherever they want to.

Toca Nature (Android and iOS)

Little persons who like animals and nature will absolutely love Toca Nature, a game landscape where they can create hills and forests, plant their own trees, and interact with different kinds of animals.

Your kid can then observe and admire their creation from an aerial angle, which will likely boost their imagination and coax them into more creative building. For $4, your young one can have fun play acting like a miniature god for hours!

Toca Life: Vacation (Android and iOS)

In the Toca Life series, this game lets players pretend they’re going on a faraway vacation. Everything you see is interactive – characters can be dressed and accessorized, the wardrobe is customizable, and suitcases can be opened and filled. This playset is a steal at only $2.99 – impressive for a game that also lets kids pretend their characters are flying to and from holiday destinations.

Endless Alphabet (Android and iOS)

Never worry about wooden puzzle sets missing some letter blocks anymore! Endless Alphabet will engage your tiny human with several words and letters that can be dragged about, complete with captivating animations that will effortlessly delight their senses. You might pause at its price of $12, but then again you probably wouldn’t bat an eye if it were a real toy.

Forestry (iOS only)

Kids who are slightly older will marvel at all the potential play within Forestry. Here they can help forest dwellers survive by picking berries, gathering wood, building houses, etc. Swimming and sleeping are included. The activities are great for training memory and attention, so it’s a plus that it’s totally free to download.

Crayola ColorStudio HD (iOS only)

If you want to harness your child’s inner artist without sacrificing some of your furniture, then get them this app. Endless coloring, endless fun, endless creativity at play – all for free.

LEGO Juniors Create & Cruise (Android and iOS)

LEGO-loving children will totally love this app! Skill-building and imagination are enhanced with simple building/creating tasks. After every successful activity, they can collect coins and use these to buy even more LEGO parts. It’s simple yet satisfying, and did we mention free?

Magic Piano (Android and iOS)

Whether you have a musical prodigy at home or not, Magic Piano will entice your kids to try out well-known tunes with ease. Teach them to tap on the right area of the screen on cue to produce the right sound and to earn a high score.

Monument Valley (Android and iOS)

Monument Valley is perhaps one of the most visually captivating and mentally challenging games that puzzle-loving kids will love. Both kid and parent will pour over this game for hours, trying to figure out how to lead the character through geometric paths, mind-blowing architecture, and an intriguing story segmented by different chapters. At $3.99, it’s certainly worth the price.

Dumb Ways to Die (Android and iOS)

Although morbid in its nature, this public-safety-animation-turned-fun-game is a growing favorite among kids. Over time, they learn how to avoid lethal possibilities, which is actually great for improving attention, hand-eye coordination, and mental agility. And yes, it’s free.

Snail Bob (Android and iOS)

Your little one might fall in love with this simple, physics-based game. The goal is to lead the snail to the exit. Levels gradually increase in challenge but not so much to the point of discouraging your kid. Buttons have to be pressed to control different mechanisms, which is great for training mental agility.

At roughly $.99, Snail Bob is very much worth the purchase.

A Parcel of Courage (iOS only)

Your bookworm won’t just love the many reading adventures, but will have their logic, photographic memory, and spatial cognition trained. A Parcel of Courage is free for download and is interactive, loaded with four main educational activities.

Artie’s Magic Pencil (iOS only)

Spark your kid’s interest in drawing with Artie’s Magic Pencil, an app which teaches the basics of drawing to children aged 3 to 6. It’s a slow-paced, relaxed space for your child to get creative. Valuable time spent might just give you a gifted illustrator. It’s priced at only $2.99.

Pokémon Go (Android and iOS)

Brilliantly simple, Pokémon Go has all kinds of people addicted to it. Though belonging to the classic game echelons, it’s still a great app to immerse your children with. Who wouldn’t love catching Pokémon in real world locations? Caution: don’t try it unless you’re ready to take your kids to the outdoors, where they can potentially socialize with peers from their age groups.

Sago Mini Road Trip (Android and iOS)

Toddlers who want to emulate parents who constantly travel might be delighted with this app. It’s a nice way to try to introduce them to what happens on the road. They can also pack their own suitcase, choose cars with different wacky themes, and stop at important destinations for some tasks. Driving has no rules, which should be a plus to the kid. At $2.99, it’s worth your kid’s try.

So, which children’s apps do you think your little ones will love?

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