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What You Need to Know About the iOS 12 From Apple


Apple confirmed the release of the iOS 12 at the WWDC 2018 event. Recently, Apple also released the beta version of their newest operating system to provide fans a preview of what to expect. It was the developer beta version that was released, though. Experts predict that a public beta will become available likely at the end of June. Meanwhile, the final version will become available in the new iPhone models for 2018.

iOS 12 Promises Enhanced Performance

The enhanced power and performance is the highlight of the new iOS 12 from Apple. Once it is incorporated into the new iPhones and iPads, the developers promise to deliver faster performance and higher responsiveness. Apple is making a claim that this will become the most advanced mobile operating system in the world.

Everything will run smoother and faster. The responsiveness will be more noticeable when performing basic apps and actions, such as operating the camera or when typing on the keypad. The most noticeable difference is when you are performing many tasks at once. The device running on iOS 12 will experience no lag or slowing down. This improvement will be evident on all supported devices.

In comparison to the previous operating system, the new iOS 12 is 70% faster when launching the camera. It will launch an app twice as fast even with a heavy workload (or when there are other apps running in the background).

Increased Reliability

There were so many issues surrounding iOS 11, particularly with the iPhone X. The developers at Apple are hoping to fix the annoying issues that were reported with the new iOS 12. The update will fix two major issues in particular: performance and reliability.

One of the major complaints about the iOS 11 is that closing app windows can be irksome. It will be much easier now with the iOS 12. You must slide up any running app so you can eliminate it from the multitasking menu. With the iOS 11, you had to press down on the app until the red close icon appears.

You need to tap that red icon before you can close the app. The new software update aims to simplify the process by eliminating any unnecessary step.

The new iOS 12 also aims to eliminate the errant screenshots that were common with the previous software version. Unlike before when you can accidentally press the volume and power button (which takes a screenshot), this feature is turned off once the screen is off too.


Image Source: GQ

The photo app of the iPhone is one of the reasons why Apple users love it. You can expect plenty of new updates to the photo app with the new iOS 12 software. One of them is the introduction of the new “For You” tab. This tab will provide you with more filters and effects to choose from and to make your photos more remarkable. It will enhance the quality of your images even more so you can take professional quality photos.

In addition, the Photos app will have sharing suggestions. This will make it easier to share your photos with friends and family. In fact, your friends can easily send back their own photos as well. These new enhancements are believed to be part of Apple’s efforts to catch up with Google Photos.

Siri Integration

Apple’s Siri is the world’s most popular digital assistant. It is no surprise that Apple would want to integrate Siri to more apps available for iPhones and other Apple devices. They want to bolster the lead that Siri has by making it available to third-party apps. You can now use Siri to carry out quick actions on these apps. It will also add more functionality to your smartphone using the Siri shortcuts.

More FaceTime

One of Apple’s driving forces in developing the new iOS 12 is to increase social connectivity with their devices. This is now possible as the Apple iOS 12 update can increase video and audio support for FaceTime. With the new update, up to 32 people can use FaceTime at once! You will never lose track of the conversation no matter how large the group is. The person talking will be featured as the largest tile on the screen – you know exactly who is speaking at anytime! You can create your own group thread or join an active conversation on FaceTime as well.


Compatibility won’t be an issue with the iOS 12 for Apple devices. It will work on any device that has the 64-bit chipset (introduced in 2013). The new software will be compatible with the iPhone 5 devices to the latest versions. As for the iPad devices, the oldest models that are compatible with the new software are the iPad mini 2 and iPad Air.

The new software update will provide support for up to 11 iPhone models, 10 iPads, and the iPod touch 6th generation. This will offer the broadest support for any software update that Apple has released to date.

iOS 12 Release Information

The iOS 12 developer beta was released on June 4. The public beta is estimated to launch on June 26. The final iOS software will be available for release on the new iPhones around September or in the fall.

The various release dates will provide users the opportunity to test how the new software will work prior to its official release.

In order to experience the developer beta, you must be a registered Apple developer. The annual membership fee for that is $99. If you cannot afford that fee, you can wait for the public beta, which is available for free. The latest version is the one that will arrive on September. The release of the final version will coincide with the scheduled release of the new iPhones for 2018 which will be powered by the new software.


The new features and updates listed above are only some of the highlights among the confirmed features so far. You can also get enhancements on augmented reality apps, screen time, notifications, privacy, and so much more. Wait for the next public beta to become available so you can get a preview hands-on.

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