The Best Pool Party and BBQ Gadgets for a Memorable Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day

With beach trips, barbecues, and pool parties, many consider Memorial Day as the unofficial kickoff to summer. It is important then that you are equipped with all of the gadgets and tools you need to have non-stop fun!

Whether you intend to spend this holiday weekend with your family or friends, there are many ways that you can celebrate the high-tech way. These are some of the best gadgets you need for your BBQ and pool parties for a fun-filled Memorial Day weekend!

BBQ Gadgets

No Memorial Day weekend is complete if you are not heating up the grill! Not only is a BBQ party a great excuse for some outdoor fun, it is also a great way to serve up something great to your family and friends. However, grilling in the heat of the summer is not always the easiest of tasks. This is where these BBQ gadgets become useful. They will definitely help you grill easily and more efficiently.

BBQ Dragon

This is one of the best gadgets to have with you during Memorial Day weekend. Make grilling easier with its high-powered cooling fan that is attached to a clamp via a gooseneck. According to the creators of this gadget, it will simplify the most difficult task in grilling – lighting a charcoal fire. You can use a USB port to charge the BBQ Dragon. It has multiple speed level controls, allowing you to adjust the amount of fan you need on your grill. The biggest sell is its capability to light up a charcoal barbecue in less than 10 minutes!


Cleaning is one of the worst parts about grilling. The charred chunks are the most difficult to deal with. Thankfully, the Grillbot can make that less of a problem post-Memorial Day weekend celebration. This grill-cleaning robot handles the messy job for you. This gadget is composed of three wire brushes and three motors. You can operate the grill cleaning bot with rechargeable batteries. As a bonus, it comes with an alarm so you can set it up to clean when you want it to.

Instant Read Meat Thermometer

Get that perfect grill every single time with this thermometer. All you have to do is stick the thermometer into the meat and it will provide accurate temperature reading within seconds. Serve your friends and family with perfectly grilled meat during Memorial Day weekend!

Cast Iron Smoker Box

A smoker box is one of the smartest gadgets that you can invest in. Grilling with an open flame is good but a smoker box can take your grilled meat to the next level. It will help to infuse that smoky flavor. Do not expect the same flavor as a full-on smoker; however, it would make for a cheap substitute.

Pool Party Gadgets

Once you are done with grilling, the next part of your Memorial Day weekend is another fun part – pool party! The following gadgets are guaranteed to level up the enjoyment.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

A pool party in your backyard is more fun when there is music to celebrate with. Having this waterproof Bluetooth speaker is a must for Memorial Day weekend. The speaker is designed to float up in the water. You can listen to the music even when you are on the deep end of the pool.

Floating Cooler

Aside from music, getting access to cold drinks while you swim can also take your pool party to the next level. So why not add the floating cooler to your Memorial Day weekend wishlist. Although this item isn’t entirely electronic, it is still a product of advanced engineering and physics. The best part – you won’t have to step out of the pool to grab yourself a cold drink. The floating cooler can go with you so you can freshen up when you need to.

Waterproof Phone Case

A fantastic Memorial Day weekend pool party won’t be complete if you cannot document it. Snap as many photos of your pool party as you can but protect your phone. A waterproof phone case is guaranteed to keep water off your device, even if you decide to take underwater photos. Aside from a waterproof smartphone case, you can also find waterproof cases for camcorders and tablet devices.

Hoseless Pool Vacuum

Just like cleaning the grill, cleaning the swimming pool is one task that most people do not want to deal with. Therefore, you need to invest in a hoseless pool vacuum to get rid of any dirt that has settled on the floor. The vacuum is designed to be extra powerful to ensure you won’t miss a thing.

Ready for Memorial Day?

There are plenty more gadgets available to choose from if you want to elevate the fun during your Memorial Day weekend. Choose the gadgets that best suits your needs and you will create more lasting memories.

Have a great time this weekend, and remember to take time to think of, and be thankful for, the heroes to whom we designate this holiday. Happy Memorial Day!