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How to Fix a Computer That Keeps Restarting

Restarting computer

Are you getting a headache from a computer that just keeps restarting, all the time? A forced restart is one of the most frustrating things and can be a whole different level of inconvenient — event disastrous — if you end up losing unsaved work.

When an unexpected restart happens, you are at the mercy of your computer. Therefore, it is important to know what causes your devices to keep restarting in order to stop the problem now and prevent future occurrences.

Inspect your computer to determine if the restart issue is caused by any of the following factors:

RAM (Random Access Memory) Issues

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Problems with the RAM can lead to various issues, including sudden and recurring reboots. It could be that the RAM itself has problems, or dust has collected on the RAM slot. If you notice that your computer is about to restart and you hear a beeping sound, then this is a good indication that the problem has something to do with the RAM.

To fix this and keep your computer from restarting, start by removing the RAM from its slot. Make sure you clean that spot before placing the RAM back in. Check if the problem persists or not after you have cleaned the RAM. If the problem does persist, turning to a computer repair expert is advisable.

Faulty Power Supply

If you determine that there is no fault in the RAM, another area to look into is the power supply. Just like the RAM, any problems in the power supply can cause the computer to restart again and again.

There are different ways you can fix this particular issue.

One of the simplest things you can do is to remove the existing power supply. You must then replace it with another one that you know is in good condition, and see if the problem still exists. If this does not solve the issue, look for other possible causes.

Overheated Processor

An overheated processor is one of the most common issues associated with a computer that keeps restarting. There are several reasons why processors can overheat and one thing is clear – when it does, it brings a host of problems. And, yes, an overheated processor can be the reason why a computer reboots randomly and repeatedly.

To fix this issue, you can open your computer and clean the CPU. Make sure you clean the fan of the processor and any surrounding parts as well. It is also a good time to check if the processor fan is working properly. Otherwise, it won’t do its intended job of keeping the processor cool.

Virus Infection

computer keeps restarting
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This is the most common reason behind a computer that keeps restarting. When the issue happens constantly even when you have checked the other factors listed above, then a virus could be the culprit. If you are having problems due to a virus infection, turn on the boot time scan feature. This feature will automatically perform boot time scanning the next time your PC restarts on its own. This feature will also delete the viruses before they load.

Another option is to boot your Windows while in safe mode. This will prevent any of the malware from loading once your computer has restarted successfully. As soon as the PC is on safe mode, you can perform a full virus scan. Then, use your anti-virus software to remove any harmful files in your system.

Another option is to reformat the computer hard drive. This will help to eliminate all of the viruses on your computer and give it a clean slate. However, you must reformat only when you have tried all other options but were unable to fix the problem.


Take note of the above-mentioned reasons why your computer might reboot itself over and over again. That way, you can prevent the same scenario from happening again in the future. It is also a good idea to do regular and proper maintenance of your computer or laptop — or have a HelloTech technician do it for you for as little as $35! It is a small step that can save you from lots of trouble in the long run.

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