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Best Smart Kitchen Appliances

best smart kitchen appliances

Now that smart home technology is gaining steam, your kitchen is the one room you shouldn’t have reservations about connecting to your network. It doesn’t matter if you’re a college kid who relies on the microwave, or a professional chef who wants to precisely control the temperature of your sous vide, everyone can find a smart kitchen appliance that makes mealtime a little easier.

Don’t know which smart appliances to start using in your smart kitchen? Take a look at our list of the best smart kitchen appliances for 2020, and make sure to add them to your cart the next time you see them:

A Smart Fridge That Does Your Grocery Shopping 

Once upon a time, high-tech fridges only made ice cubes. These days, a smart fridge can do a lot more. In fact, a smart fridge is one of the first smart appliances that any modern kitchen should have. From keeping your food fresh for longer, to doing your shopping for you, smart fridges are more useful than ever.

Many smart fridges out on the market today come with Alexa connectivity. That means you can tell Alexa to activate the ice maker or air filter, check if the fridge’s doors are closed, adjust the temperature, heat up water, and a host of other awesome things.

Other models will read recipes to you while you cook, notify you when your food is about to expire, allow you to look inside with cameras to see what items you’re low on, and even create grocery lists based on what you do and don’t have.

And yes, you can still leave messages to other family members with your smart fridge. Touchscreen control panels of smart fridges also serve as communication hubs for families, letting you type in personal notes or to-do lists.

A Smart Crock-Pot You Can Control Wherever You Are 

A Crock-Pot (or slow cooker) is truly one of the greatest inventions in your kitchen. But a smart slow cooker is even better than you can imagine.

What can a smart slow cooker do? There are a number of models available today. Many of them come with their own apps that let you control temperature, functions, or cooking time. If you get one that comes with Wi-Fi connectivity, you can use an app to adjust the cooking time and temperature of the slow cooker wherever you are.

Perhaps you’re driving from work, and you want a warm bowl of goodness to greet you when you get home. Using the slow cooker app, you can switch the pot to warm mode while you’re on the road. Cool, right?

A Smart Oven for Perfect Homemade Pizzas. Every Time. 

When it comes to enjoying perfectly-cooked cupcakes and homemade pizzas, a smart oven gives you the ability to beautifully broil, bake, sear, or air-fry dishes.

Smart ovens also come with intelligent settings that take the guesswork out of cooking. Some even come with cameras that let you monitor the food in the oven remotely. There are also models that come with a library of recipes that you can access while you are cooking.

A Smart Blender Preloaded with Recipes 

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A blender, whether personal or family-sized, is an integral part of any kitchen. They make food prep easy and are extremely useful for those who wish to live a healthier lifestyle. But when you choose a smart blender, you elevate your smoothie-making experience.

With their intelligent settings and preloaded recipes, many smart blenders today make it easy to mix up a healthy smoothie. Some of the best models come with apps that tell you the nutritional value of your smoothie’s ingredients. Wondering whether you added too many sweet fruits or yogurt to your mix? Don’t worry, your smart blender will give you the accurate carbs, fat, and protein content of your drink.

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A Smart Thermometer that Keeps an Eye on Your Dish for You

If you want to push your kitchen to the future, getting a smart thermometer is one of your first steps.

How can a smart thermometer change the way you cook? These handy gadgets make it easy for you to enjoy perfect dishes with the use of their apps. There are apps that let you monitor real-time temperatures or save presets for certain recipes. They also notify you when what you’re cooking has reached a set temperature so you don’t have to keep an eye on what you’re cooking all the time.

A Smart Sous Vide for Precise Cooking 

smart precision cooker

Sous vide cooking may not be part of your current kitchen repertoire, but your mouth will water the first time you use one of these smart precision cookers. Before we talk about the smart sous vide appliances available for purchase, let’s explain what precision cooking is first.

Here is how precision cooking works: you fill a pot with water and clip a cooker to the side of the pot. Then put your meat in a plastic bag and clamp it to the pot as well. Then all you have to do is set the sous vide and let it do its magic.

The sous vide is designed to cook your meal evenly. While the cooking time is typically a little longer if you have a smart precision cooker, you don’t even have to keep an eye on your pot of water. Most models are Alexa-compatible and come preloaded with recipes. With their handy apps, you’ll enjoy restaurant-quality food every single time if you own one of these smart kitchen appliances.

A Smart Weighing Scale for Precise Measurements 

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You probably think that a smart weighing scale is not essential, especially since we already have measuring cups and spoons. But the added convenience that a smart scale offers cannot be beaten.

A smart kitchen scale removes the potential mistakes that you can make when measuring ingredients. This means perfectly blended cake mixes and delectable baked goods every time. They even take into consideration the serving sizes and your cake pan sizes available. They can adjust measurements according to the quantity of the ingredients you have on-hand as well. Some models will even generate shopping lists based on what ingredients you’re missing.

Which of these Smart Home Appliances Should You Buy First? 

Whether you are a novice cook or you consider yourself better than those cooking show contestants on TV, these smart kitchen appliances are sure to become your new food-preparation favorites.

If you’re looking to make other rooms in your house smart too, but don’t know where to start, check out our list of the best smart home devices for beginners.

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