The Best Free Calendar Apps for iPhone

best free calendar apps iphone

Calendar apps help you organize your schedule, remind you of events as they approach, and keep track of the tasks you need to do. If you are an iPhone user, you may find the number of calendar apps on the App Store overwhelming. To help you decide, here is our list of the best free calendar apps for iPhone.

Tiny Calendar

Tiny Calendar free App for iPhone

Tiny Calendar allows you to do basic things, like create reminders, get notifications for important tasks via email or push notifications, sync information across your devices, work offline, and see multiple layouts. It supports eight standard views that you can instantly switch between: one day, four days, agenda, week, week agenda, mini-month, month, and year.

You can use your iPhone’s GPS to add event venues and specific locations. This way, you won’t have to look up directions at the last minute. You can also sync the Tiny Calendar app with your local iOS calendar or with your Google Calendar, so you can get a more coordinated schedule.

Another thing you’ll love about this app is that it works offline, so even if you are not connected to the internet, you can still create, delete, and edit events. It will save these changes, and once you’re back online, it will sync with your other accounts.

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Plan – Best Free iPhone Calendar App for Managers


If you are a manager or group leader, and you want to make things simple for your team, Plan is one of the best free calendar apps for the iPhone. Plan was designed as a companion app for the Plan website, which describes itself as “part calendar, part project-manager.” The site allows you to create and track tasks, as well as make plans on how to accomplish them.

Together, the site and app are great tools to help you compartmentalize and systematically deal with work-related chaos. The app organizes tasks and projects from the tools used by your team, including email, calendar, JIRA, Zendesk, GitHub, and Salesforce.

The Plan app gives you a calendar view of your tasks, arranged neatly into blocks depending on your preferred time periods. For example, your meetings can be blocked into the day, and you can arrange your daily tasks around these meetings. Simply put, this function allows you to prioritize your tasks according to importance.

If you are a part of a team, you can invite other members to view the tasks you created. This way, they can be aware of upcoming meetings and tasks.

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ZenDay 1

ZenDay is a combination of a calendar and a time management app. It works on the premise that organizing your life and maintaining a healthy work/life balance should be relaxing. It aims to shift your day according to the relative importance of your tasks, as well as to the amount of time you have allotted for work. In other words, this app promises to help you attain zen in the midst of your hectic life by helping you prioritize your schedule.

Zen is perfect if you are tired of the old calendar interface. This app gives you a unique 3D timeline that displays your Calendar events and Reminders. You can zoom in on a specific day and skim through the upcoming weeks rapidly. Then you can tilt to see your upcoming tasks stretch away. All you have to do is tap to create a new event or a new task. Then you can specify what kind of action is required by this new task.

The app’s Fixed option is also a unique feature. It will come very handy if you have a lot of tasks and are having a hard time organizing and prioritizing them. If a particular task is not set for a specific part of the day, you can let ZenDay know, and it will prioritize your day for you. To do this, it will shift tasks around the day’s most important and fixed points.

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My Study Life – Best Free iPhone Calendar App for Students and Teachers

Best Free Calendar Apps for iPhone
(Image Source: My Study Life)

My Study Life was designed with students and educators in mind. With this app, you can create a schedule based on your classes in a given academic term. You can log assignments, projects, exams, presentations, research requirements, and other tasks you need to do, keep track of deadlines, and keep updated on the progress and completion percentage of specific tasks.

The app allows you to store your schedule and your tasks in the cloud, so you can access them using any device. It also syncs your data between devices, so you can use the app offline.

Teachers who use My Study Life can also create and share their timetables with their students.

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Jorte Calendar & Organizer

Best Free Calendar Apps for iPhone

If you are looking for something that will serve as your main diary and organization app,  the Jorte Calendar & Organizer is one of the best free calendar apps you can get for the iPhone. You can use this to catalog your day-to-day experiences and take notes about anything you want to be reminded of. It can also sync with some of your other calendars, task managers, and note-taking apps.

Jorte Calendar is supported by a dedicated cloud service, allowing you to create backups, sync data across your devices, and share calendars with other Jorte users. It even has support for the Apple Watch.

Jorte allows you to use whatever background images, colors, and fonts that you like. You can even choose to purchase themes and wallpapers. Additionally, you can add photos and comments to your diary entries, just like you would a traditional journal.

If you are the kind of person who needs a reminder to get your wife a present for your anniversary, the app’s countdown function will be very useful. This feature will inform you of how many days are left before a certain birthday, meeting, and special event.

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