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The Best WordPress Backup Plugins

The Best WordPress Backup Plugins

If you have a WordPress site, you probably use a few plugins. You might have an add-on that adds a contact page to your site or a plugin that protects your site from hackers. However, a backup plugin might be the most important thing you install on your site. These plugins will save a copy of your site data in case you have a problem with your website. Here are the best free and paid WordPress backup plugins that will keep your site safe from hackers, server problems, and security issues.

Even if you already have a backup solution with your hosting plan, it can’t hurt to have your own backups. If you’re in the market for a new plan, check out our list of the best web hosting providers for small businesses.

Best Free WordPress Backup Plugins

If you have a personal WordPress website, a free backup plugin should be more than enough for your needs. Here are your top options:


updraft plus backup plugin
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One of the best free WordPress backup plugins available today, UpdraftPlus is chock full of fantastic features. With this plugin installed, you can schedule backups and choose whether to store them on Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP, or other cloud storage services. Plus, you can encrypt backups for added security and restore backups right from the WordPress admin dashboard.

Even if your website has 100GB worth of data, UpdraftPlus can handle the load. It doesn’t matter what server or hosting provider you’re using, as long as you have WordPress, UpdraftPlus is guaranteed to work.

The free version is already wonderful enough, but if you want better security and protection for your site, don’t forget to take a look at their premium plans. UpdraftPlus comes with premium pricing starting at $70 for two licenses.

Download UpdraftPlus


free best wordpress backup plugin
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Another great backup plugin for WordPress is BackWPup. Just like the previous plugin, BackWPup comes with a paid version. However, the free one is decent enough for secure and thorough backups.

This backup plugin lets you optimize, check, and repair your database. You can also store your backups in 3rd-party storage services, such as Dropbox, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, and RackSpace Cloud. This ensures you will always have a backup, even when your server experiences problems. If you get the pro version, you have the option to store your backups on Amazon Glacier or Google Drive.

Download BackWPup 


duplicator wordpress plugin
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Duplicator is a migration plugin, but it has reliable backup features too. With Duplicator, it’s easy to place your database in a bundle and transfer it to another domain. This bundle, which is saved as a zip file, includes your content, themes, and other plugins.

The free version is quite basic, but if you want scheduled backups, cloud storage, and the ability to migrate multiple WordPress websites, you will want to look into their pro version.

Download Duplicator

Best Paid WordPress Backup Plugins 

If you are using a WordPress site for your business, we suggest looking into paid or premium backup plugins. This way, you get to enjoy more features and better support. You may have to shell out a certain amount every month, but you’ll sleep better knowing that you have a complete and working backup of your website in case of an emergency.


(Image Source: Vaultpress)

Whether you’re running a small business or a large enterprise website, VaultPress has a plan that fits your needs. Their personal plans start at just $39 per year, while business plans will cost you a minimum of $99 annually.

Any of these paid plans will provide your site with protection against various security attacks, convenient website migration, and uptime monitoring. A personal plan gives you automated daily backups with a 30-day backup archive and unlimited storage space.

If you choose a business plan, you get the same backup solutions with great extras too. These include SEO tools, video hosting, and ad revenue generation. So essentially, a VaultPress backup plugin gives you a myriad of website solutions in one tool.

Download VaultPress


(Image Source: BackupBuddy)

Another great option for a paid WordPress backup plugin is BackupBuddy. One great thing about this plugin is that it will create a backup of EVERYTHING on your website. You won’t just get a backup of your database, you will also get a backup of your entire WordPress installation. This includes all the pages, posts, widgets, plugin files, themes, images, videos, and other content. This plugin will even create a backup of your comments and users.

You also get scheduled backups, customizable backups (for when you don’t want a backup of everything), downloadable zip backups, and the options to store your backup files remotely.

Download BackupBuddy


BlogVault screenshot
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According to the people behind BlogVault, it’s not just a plugin, it’s a “service.” With that said, you can rely on them for constant tool updates, improvements, and customer support. As a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, BlogVault saves backups in their own servers, not yours. This makes it a great option, especially if you don’t want to overload your servers too much.

With BlogVault installed on your website, you get free offsite storage, an archive of backups for up to 90 days, the ability to perform a full restore while offline, website recovery, WordPress security, and easy website migration. Some plans also come with WooCommerce backup solutions.

BlogVault plans start at $7.40 per month for personal websites. For small businesses running up to five websites, plan pricing ranges from $16.58 to $45.74 a month.

Download BlogVault

BoldGrid Backup 

BoldGrid Backup
(Image Source: BoldGrid)

BoldGrid Backup is another premium option for protecting your WordPress data. With BoldGrid Backup, you can enjoy automated or manual backups. You can also back up your website remotely, migrate or duplicate your WordPress easily, or automatically rollback to the last backup in case of an update failure.

The plugin’s premium price is only $30 per year. This is a one-time purchase license that you can use on unlimited websites.

Download BoldGrid Backup

Maintaining and running your WordPress website takes a ton of work and dedication. A backup plugin is your protection against data losses and security concerns. Make sure to download and install one of these today.


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