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What Makes a Good Antivirus? 4 Characteristics You Should Consider

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Security vendors claim that their antivirus products are the best, but reviews from users and experts may suggest otherwise. You must ask yourself this question: do you have a good antivirus? Here are four characteristics that can help you verify if an AV product does have the capacity to provide reliable, useful protection against malware.

A Good Antivirus Should Offer Quality Scanning and Protection

A good antivirus should be able to do what it’s meant to do: fight viruses and other malicious software. Its nature or essence is to prevent, detect and remove security threats. To identify threats, an antivirus must have a high detection rate by employing advanced detection algorithms and techniques. And since more resilient, unknown viruses appear all the time, the antivirus should receive regular updates from its developers to enhance its malware-suppressing abilities.

When malware comes knocking, a good antivirus with capable real-time protection should stop it in its tracks. It helps keep critical system files in your computer free from infection. Occasionally, there are times when a piece of malware bypasses security measures and successfully infects the computer, necessitating a full system scan. A good antivirus must have a fast scanning engine, allowing the user to clean his computer in a short amount of time. The antivirus must have advanced cleanup abilities so that it not only removes or quarantines the malware but also helps the user recover his files or repair corrupted ones.

An antivirus solution should guard every method that malware can possibly use to access the computer, including emails and downloads. It should have the versatility to provide the user with several scanning options, such as the ability to scan compressed files and to scan the entire system before Windows loads.

An Antivirus Should Make Your Life Easier

If an antivirus app introduces more trouble than it fixes, then it’s not worth using. A good antivirus works perfectly out of the box, running silently in the background and handling every security issue for you. It should only interrupt you from your routines if the problem at hand requires your attention.

In addition, a good antivirus has minimal impact on your computer’s performance, requiring only a few CPU resources and making room for your other applications to run.  The antivirus should play well with legitimate applications and allow them to function normally. Avoid security solutions that, for instance, block access to your online games and cause your productivity apps to crash.

An Antivirus Should Have a Simple User Interface

Whether an antivirus is geared for power users or beginners, its user interface should be simple and easy to understand. An antivirus should not overwhelm its user with cryptic language, complex settings and poorly designed interface elements. A bad UI design increases the risk of human error that could compromise the computer’s security. It might even discourage the user from using the antivirus altogether.

Starting with the installation process, an antivirus should have a streamlined design that helps the user perform tasks efficiently. It should show the right options at the exact moment when the user needs them. This principle should even apply to free, ad-supported antivirus solutions; buttons and dialog boxes for advertisements must be distinct from the other interface elements.

An Antivirus Should Offer Useful Extra Features

Back in the day, antivirus solutions employed a straightforward approach to dealing with malware. Latest technologies, however, have allowed antiviruses to use a multifaceted approach to combat constantly evolving threats. Are you scared of opening an infected email? Install an antivirus with email-scanning capability. Do you need help with cleaning your computer? Find a product whose security vendor provides dependable phone and email support. Is your computer not booting? Many antivirus solutions offer bootable rescue discs that get your computer back up and running.

And remember:  If it’s already too late and you need a prompt and thorough virus removal, we have you covered.

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