How to Charge Your iPhone Faster

how to charge iphone faster

The only thing worse than your phone dying is waiting for it to charge. If you’re iPhone user, you know the frustration of watching the black screen until the Apple logo appears. But, thankfully, there are a few tricks to make your iPhone come back to life quicker. Here’s how to charge your iPhone faster:

Use a Wall Charger

Use a Wall Charger

If it’s possible, you should use a wall charger when charging your iPhone. Given a choice between your laptop’s USB port, a wireless charger, or the wall socket, you should always go for the wall socket. A wall charger will have a stronger amp output, which means it will charge your phone much faster.

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Use a Fast-Charging Cable

One of the fastest ways to charge an iPhone is by using a fast-charging cable. According to Apple, fast charging allows a battery to go from empty to 50 perfect in about half an hour. It involves a special USB-C adapter and a USB-C to Lightning cable that can deliver up to 30 watts of power.

USB-C to Lightning cable
(Image Source: Apple)

Take note that fast charging only works the iPhone 8 and newer models. The following models support fast charging:

  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone 11 (Pro and Pro Max)

Only the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max will have the fast charger included in the box. You can, however, purchase a fast-charging USB-C to lighting cable separately.

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Use the Right Power Adapter

If you are using a USB-C cable, Apple recommends using an 18W USB-C power adapter to charge your iPhone even faster. However, if you have an older iPhone, we suggest using an iPad charger. The charger that comes with an iPad can deliver 12 watts, while your iPhone’s charger will only give you five watts.

iPad power adapter
(Image Source: Apple)

You might have read somewhere that using a charger that didn’t come with your iPhone is a bad idea. But, Apple states that the iPad’s 12W USB Power Adapter is compatible with iPhones (models 5 to 11 Pro Max), iPods, and Apple Watches.

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Remove Your iPhone Case

An iPhone will likely throttle or stop charging altogether if it gets too hot. That’s why it’s important to remove the case when you are charging it. Since your iPhone case traps heat, removing it will help your phone remain cool while charging.

You can also prevent your iPhone from heating up too much is by placing it in a cool area, away from direct sunlight, while it’s charging.

Turn Your iPhone Off to Charge Your iPhone Faster

how to turn off iphone via settings

Can’t help fiddling with your iPhone while it’s charging? You may want to reconsider this behavior because it’s not helping your device charge faster. If you keep using your phone while it’s charging, you are contributing to its heat buildup. In other words, you are causing it to charge slower.

To be safe, turn your iPhone off so you won’t be tempted to browse the internet, level up on your favorite mobile phone game, or play some music.

Turning your iPhone off is easy. Simply go to Settings > General, then scroll all the way down and tap Shut Down.

Want to play a game while in Airplane Mode, check out our list of the best games that don’t need WiFi.

Switch to Airplane Mode to Charge Your iPhone Faster

how to turn on airplane mode iphone

If you don’t want to turn off your iPhone while charging it, you can turn on Airplane Mode to make it charge faster. When you turn on Airplane Mode, the features that drain the battery, such as WiFi and cellular service, will be disabled. You will still be able to use apps that don’t need WiFi, but these apps won’t have such a negative effect on your iPhone’s charging speed.

To switch on your iPhone’s Airplane Mode, swipe up from the bottom of your screen to access the Control Panel. Then tap the airplane icon.

You will know Airplane Mode is on when the icon turns orange, and the WiFi and Cellular icons turn gray. You will not be able to make calls or access the internet when in Airplane Mode.