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Windows 10: How to Make Yourself More Productive On Your Computer


One of the main reasons why we use computers is to become more productive. We want to be able to multi-task and get things done faster in a high-quality manner. If you have a busy schedule, loads of responsibilities, and a Windows 10 computer, then this guide will help you make sure that the operating system works hard for you.

Streamlined Processes

The more you use your computer, the more files you accumulate. Most likely, you will also be opening lots of folders and programs. Things can easily become overwhelming if you don’t organize yourself. If, however, you find the process of organizing a chore, then simply make full use of the following.


Cortana is Microsoft’s digital personal assistant and it is equipped with a wide range of features designed to get to know you well so it may assist you in the most productive way possible. In Windows 10, Cortana has the ability to search through your hard drive and OneDrive for documents you need. The best part is that you can find these files through natural queries. No need to remember exact file names.

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Aside from that, Cortana can send your emails for you, launch apps, or automatically play your favorite tunes. You can tweak the AI’s settings anytime to determine how much information it gathers about you.

Easier and Better PDF Features

PDF is a very common document type nowadays, and many people even consider it as the default for official or business use. As a Windows 10 user, you have access to really helpful features, which allow easier creation and editing of PDF files. You can even use the “Microsoft Print to PDF” option to instantly have a PDF version of any office document.

Virtual Desktops

Virtual desktops give you the ability to switch between two or more desktops in one computer system. Previous Windows operating systems didn’t have this feature, but now that it is available on Windows 10, so many people have benefited from it.

It lets you enjoy less clutter and confusion. It also allows you to be better organized as you can compartmentalize all the windows and apps you have opened. Aside from that, you get to save money since you don’t have to purchase an extra monitor if you really need multiple desktops.

Seamless Connectivity

It is not unusual these days to own multiple computers. Nobody will be surprised if you have a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet, and a smartphone. The rub is that making these devices communicate with each other more seamlessly can be difficult. The following features will help iron the wrinkles out.

Universal Windows Apps

By using universal Windows apps, switching from one device to another without slowing down whatever you’re working on can easily be done. Once you install these applications on your devices, they will work seamlessly to provide you with a convenient experience.

Helpful universal Windows apps include Calendar, Messaging, Mail, Music, Videos, People, Maps, and Photos. Often-used productivity apps such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook have also been redesigned to become universal apps. They will look and operate the same way on any device.

Microsoft Edge

Internet Explorer is out and Microsoft Edge is in. It is a feature-filled browser that enables easy bookmarks importation and web page sharing. You can also annotate on any page you open. This makes for faster note-taking and sharing of content and ideas.


Edge also has an excellent Reading mode, which is great at eliminating distractions in case you want to focus on important content for research, study, or work purposes. Moreover, this browser is more secure than Internet Explorer.


Saving files to the cloud has never been easier with OneDrive. It is an excellent tool for making sure you will have access to your documents, images, and videos no matter which device you use. As long as you have an internet connection, you’re good to go.

Windows Phone Companion

Whenever you connect your smartphone to your Windows 10 computer, why not make use of the app Windows Phone Companion? It provides lots of nifty features that will definitely make you more productive.


For one, it synchronizes your phone files and music to the computer without fuss. You can also use the tool to allow Cortana to access your phone, which will help the digital assistant know you more and provide you with better assistance. Even if your smartphone isn’t running Windows 10, the phone companion tool will still work and provide support.

Do More with Windows 10

No need to feel overwhelmed by all of the work you have to do daily. By familiarizing yourself with all of the above Windows 10 applications and features, and what they can do to help, you are giving yourself an edge in your field. Become more productive today!

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