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How Smart Locks Can Help Keep Your Children Safe

Smart Lock
Smart Lock

One of the most beneficial applications of modern technology concerns your home security and safety. A lot of homeowners (especially parents) are worried when it comes to this subject. Some may not trust their home with technology, but development over the years has made it more sophisticated and reliable. One particular area of concern is home smart locks. Can it protect your home from unwanted invaders? Will it do its job of keeping your children safe (especially when they are alone)?

What Are Home Smart Locks?

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With smart home technology becoming a common conversation piece, it’s hard to imagine the day before keyless entry was even possible. Many homeowners have switched to adapting the use of smart locks into their home. With a growing number of burglary incidents, no home is safe. Even when you have locked the door or any other entry points, burglars can get in if they wanted to.

Keyless locks, or smart locks, for your home use a variety of technologies. You can choose from any of the following technologies to secure your home door:

The idea of using such technology for your home lock is to eliminate the need for a key and lock.

Despite that, the level of security is heightened. The technology will not permit entry to anyone who fails to meet the security requirement to unlock it. For example, if the fingerprint is not recognized, then it won’t unlock the door. Unlike traditional lock systems that can be manipulated by burglars, this improved technology is difficult for them to manipulate. Amazon Key is a smart lock option that allows you to safely control services and deliveries to your home so they aren’t left outside at risk of being stolen.

Security Benefit of Smart Locks

If you are a parent, you might find yourself asking this question: “What can smart locks do that traditional locks can’t?” To keep your children safe, smart locks have advanced features that are not available with traditional locks. There is remote access. You will be able to lock or unlock your doors even when you are not at home. If your kids are left behind at home, you will be able to have peace of mind that all doors are locked even when your kids forget to do so.

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This will prevent any unwanted or unauthorized access into your home. It’s great not just for when you leave your children at home, but also during nighttime. You can also assign virtual keys to different family members – even the people who work for you such as repairman, nannies, dog walkers, etc. The virtual key will leave behind a digital trail, tracking who accessed your home at a particular time.

Aside from unauthorized access, this feature can also be used to protect your children. As kids grow up, they become curious and adventurous as they leave the house. With traditional lock systems, your child can easily step out of the door without your knowledge. But with smart locks, your child won’t be able to unlock the door unless you allow it on the system.

Parenting Benefit of Smart Locks

If you have anxiety about leaving your child at home, smart locks can provide relief. Most smart locks can be remotely operated with internet access. This will prompt you if the doors are locked or unlocked. You can monitor your children at home while allowing them to become independent.

You can even pair the smart lock with other smart home technologies. A doorbell camera is the most common feature paired with a smart lock for your home. You can see who the visitors are and lock or unlock your home door accordingly.

Smart locks are good to consider if you are looking to expand your smart home devices. HelloTech provides a variety of smart home services including Smart Device Hook-up and Video Doorbell Installation if you need assistance.

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