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Are You a Smartphone Addict?


It’s a new day, and you just woke up. What’s the first thing you pick up and use? If it’s your smartphone, that’s not an uncommon thing among people. But, as the day goes on and you often halt whatever you’re doing just so you can check your phone, you might be a smartphone addict. Let’s call it an irresistible inner force that keeps you hooked to your smartphone, and here are more signs that confirm this compulsive behavior.

You are a smartphone addict:

  • When you ignore other people at the table and focus on your smartphone while eating. Or when you always take a picture of whatever food is in front of you.
  • When you doze off while using your phone.
  • When you interact with your friends less in person and more over the phone.
  • When you accumulate extra charges and experience bill shock.
  • When you can’t find other means to overcome boredom other than your smartphone.
  • When you use your smartphone for everyday problems that could’ve been solved in another, more practical way (e.g., checking the weather app instead of opening a window).
  • When you sleep with your smartphone under your pillow or right next to you.
  • When you constantly check for notifications every minute or you scramble to get your phone the moment it beeps or rings.
  • When you do less amount of work because of smartphone-related interruptions.
  • When you’re highly anxious because you forgot your phone at home. In other words, when you experience separation anxiety when your phone is stolen, taken or somehow not in your possession.
  • When you use your phone while driving.

You’ve probably done or experienced many of these signs without knowing it. Ask yourself if all these have negatively affected your personal, academic or work life to a great extent. If so, you have a smartphone addiction. Admitting is the first step to overcoming this problem.

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