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Why Does My Smartphone Get Extremely Hot

smartphone overheating

Smartphones get hot, so much so that overheating is one of the most common complaints among smartphone users. If yours get disturbingly warm, too, you should worry. Warm temperatures have a detrimental effect on your smartphone’s performance and battery life. Worse, overheating can even cause your device to catch fire. To avoid such predicament, it’s best knowing the source of the heat.

  • No breathing room. Dirt can gather in the nooks and crannies of your smartphone, and that could interfere with the device’s proper heat dissipation. Smartphone cases that are more about looks and less about functionality could also cause the phone to heat up faster.
  • Environment. Blaming global warming is exaggerating it, but the temperature of the surrounding environment does affect the internal temperature of smartphones. Try to keep your phone in the shade when you’re outside.
  • Consuming battery power. Activities you do on your smartphone that drain the battery quickly can cause excessive heat. Examples: continuously browsing the Internet on mobile data, the phone constantly searching for better coverage because of poor signal quality, and multiple apps and processes running in the background. Also, avoid using your smartphone while it’s charging.
  • Overclocking. As processor speed increases through overclocking, so does the processor temperature. You don’t have to use liquid nitrogen just to keep your phone stable, but do keep it cool.
  • Manufacturing Issue. So maybe you’re one of the unlucky few with a faulty device that slipped past quality assurance. It happens, in which case the manufacturer may announce a factory recall. Get a replacement for free!

There are a lot of solutions to address overheating issues. Don’t wait until your smartphone bursts into flames. If it unexpectedly shuts down or shows a visual warning, that’s a good time to contact the manufacturer for repair or warranty replacement. Or, just avoid putting your smartphone into the above situations, and it’ll be just fine.

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