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The Best iPhone Cases for Every Need and Budget


An iPhone is one of the most expensive devices you can buy, so it only makes sense to protect it with a case. A good case will protect your screen from drops and scratches, while still making sure that it looks stylish. Here is our list of the best cases you can get for your new iPhone, from budget models to waterproof cases and more.

It is important to note that you can only use a case that fits your specific iPhone model. To find out the model of your iPhone, go to Settings > General > About and look next to Model Name. However, most cases come in different sizes, so just make sure you are buying the correct one before checkout.

Spigen Liquid Air: Best Budget iPhone Case

Best Budget iPhone Case
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The Spigen Liquid Air has a simple design that will only add 1 ounce to the weight of your iPhone. It is also very thin, only adding 0.12 inches to the depth of your iPhone. So, you don’t have to remove this case to use most wireless chargers. However, it doesn’t have magnets, so it won’t stick to MagSafe chargers or accessories.  

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This budget iPhone case is designed with a textured pattern on all sides that makes it easy to grip. The back of the case also has a matte black finish that reduces fingerprints. As the name implies, the inside of the case has pockets of air to protect it from falls.

Smartish Gripmunk: Best Customizable iPhone Case

Smartish Gripmunk
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If you want to personalize your iPhone, the Smartish Gripmunk is one of the best cases you can get. If you order this iPhone case from Amazon, you can customize the back with a few different images, but the Smartish website lets you upload your own photos and add patterns, text, emojis, and more.

This budget case is thin and light, but unlike the Spigen Liquid Air, the Smartish Gripmunk is compatible with MagSafe wireless chargers and other accessories. Plus, the sides have a grippable texture with slots for your fingers to ensure that you don’t drop your iPhone in the first place.

Apple Clear Case with MagSafe: Best Clear iPhone Case

Best Clear iPhone Case
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With this clear case from Apple, you get to see your whole iPhone, but you can also use a MagSafe charger. However, this does mean that the case won’t be perfectly clear, and there will be a white circle on the back of your iPhone where the magnets are hidden.

This clear case is thin and light, but it does offer good protection from drops. Since it is made by Apple, you can know this case will fit your iPhone, and all the buttons and ports will line up perfectly. And while it is a little more expensive than other clear cases, Apple uses a special scratch-resistant coating and materials that prevent this case from yellowing over time.

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Tucch Flip: Best iPhone Wallet Case

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If you’re looking for an iPhone case that can replace your wallet, the Tucch Flip is one of the best options. There are three card slots on the inside of this foldable case and a bigger pocket on the inside, so it can fit almost as much as a regular wallet.  

This faux-leather case has a unique design that allows you to close your case like a book, so you won’t scratch up your screen. But you will probably need a screen protector to prevent your cards from scuffing up your screen. You can also flip the cover over and use it as a kickstand to make it easier to watch videos.

OtterBox Defender: Best Protective iPhone Case

Best Protective iPhone 13 Case
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When it comes to protective iPhone cases, OtterBox has made the most durable models for years. The OtterBox Defender comes with three layers of protection, including a hard inner layer that you snap around your iPhone and a flexible outer case that goes over that. There’s also a belt clip that can cover your screen or a kickstand to prop your iPhone up.

Even though it is bulky, this iPhone case is compatible with wireless chargers, but not MagSafe. Unlike other cases, the OtterBox Defender also comes with port covers that stop dust and dirt from getting inside your iPhone. However, it doesn’t come with a clear screen protector, so you’ll have to buy one separately.

LifeProof Frē Series: Best Waterproof iPhone Case

Best Waterproof iPhone Case
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The Lifeproof Frē Series has a fully enclosed design made of lightweight but tough polycarbonate material. So, it will protect your iPhone from water damage, even if it’s submerged in water up to 6.6 feet for up to an hour.

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This waterproof case comes with a built-in screen cover and an anti-reflective lens cover, so you can take the best pictures underwater. The NPD Group/Retail Tracking Service has named the Lifeproof Frē Series as the best-selling waterproof iPhone case in the US since 2015. This case also works with wireless chargers.

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