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Which Charges Your Phone Faster: Wireless or Wired?

samsung wireless fast charger
samsung wireless fast charger

Powering up your mobile phone can feel like a chore so it’s natural to want the fastest option possible.

If you own the latest iPhone and Android phones, you have two of the most advanced devices for wired or wireless charging.

But which of the two gets the job done faster? Will wireless charging take over the more conventional wired method soon?

Wireless Charging in the Spotlight

Wireless chargers have been around for a few years, though they’ve recently gained prominence. It’s at the forefront now with Apple making the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X compatible with wireless.

Before heaping praises, there are practical things you should know about. How fast does it charge your phone? Is it as fast as its wired counterpart? What models can power up wirelessly?

Quick Notes on Fast (Wired) Charging

By default, smartphones charge at the lowest charging speed. By powering up in a controlled, consistent pace, you prevent getting the battery fried. Fast charging takes things up a notch by increasing the upper limit of voltage that can flow into your device. While it may sound risky, quick charging technology has existed for several generations of smartphones already.

To put it simply: fast (wired) charging is designed to be safe. Take precautionary measures (e.g. turning off the device or recharging within a prescribed time limit) to maximize this feature.

Growing Variety of Charging Technologies

The way we juice up our gadgets has vastly evolved. A lot of us may have difficulty discerning which way is best for our smartphones. Just so we’re clear, here are the charging standards available:

Wired Charging

The conventional charging standard found on every mobile phone to date.

Fast Charging (Wired)

May come in many names, but every variation essentially does the same: work faster than traditional wired charging.

Wireless Charging

The wireless counterpart of standard wired charging, only slower.

Fast Wireless Charging

As the name suggests, it’s the faster form of the wireless standard. Its availability is currently limited.

Despite having plenty of quick charging options, only a few handsets are compatible with them.

Is Wireless Charging Really Slow?

You probably have heard about wireless charging being slower than wired. Although this was the case a few years back, the former has evolved. The latest smartphone with fast wireless charging capability will likely charge faster than phones on standard wired charging.

Nothing beats the speed of fast wired charging. So why isn’t everybody making use of this? Not all phones support both and an appropriate charger is needed to get either feature working.

Practical Application for Both

Need to juice up in a hurry? Go for the wired fast charging method. But if time is on your side, try going tangle-free with wireless charging. It’s more convenient to drop off your phone at a charging dock when you’re no longer using it rather than finding an outlet to plug it in.

Don’t try to use both wired and wireless charging simultaneously. Your device isn’t going to charge twice as fast… and, worse, it won’t charge at all.

Fast Charge Your iPhone

Forget about wirelessly charging your brand new iPhone 8 and X. You can charge your Apple device to 50% in 30 minutes via fast charging. The iPhone can’t fast-charge out of the box but you can purchase accessories.

First, you need a USB-C power adapter. This doesn’t come in the box with the latest iPhones. You need a USB-C to Lightning cable since the USB-A connector tops out at 10W of power and fast charging requires around 18W.

Quick Charge Your Android

Android phones have historically had better charging technology than iPhones. Several flagship models from various brands already support both wired and wireless quick charge.

If your Android phone is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, you’re ready to experience lightning-fast charging. Just have a Quick Charge-certified power adapter from brands like Anker, Ventev, and Tronsmart ready. Don’t forget a USB connector (including Type-C).

If you’re having trouble setting up your mobile device, HelloTech is here to help your shiny, new gadget reaches its maximum potential.

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