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10 Features You Will Love on the New iPhone

iPhone X with IOS 13

Do you adore your iPhone? 

This coming September, Apple is going to release the new iPhone update. In the same timeframe, fall will also be the date when Apple will release a new upgrade of iOS to accompany the phone. But, as usual, the new iOS beta can already be installed on existing devices in the market.

iOS 13

Apple ios 13 home screen iphone xs 06032019 big.jpg.large
The new iOS 13 (Image Source: Apple)

The new iOS or iOS 13,  for now, is going to be compatible with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus models released in 2015. 

But Apple is allowing users a head start on getting the new upgraded software–at their own risk. They released a public beta version of iOS 13 and it is now available to anyone! 

Of course, this is not the full version, so Apple is not liable for any malfunctions or bugs you may encounter while using it. 

Why Do This? 

Well, releasing the beta version of the software allows them to see how users react to their products.

Do people like it? Do they hate it? What can they change about it? These are the questions they attempt to answer before releasing the actual version. It helps with customer satisfaction and boosts the overall performance of the finished product. So, if you decide to download the newest beta release, make sure to report the bugs to help Apple out. 

With that said, here are 10 of the best iOS 13 features that Apple unveiled during their Worldwide Developers Conference. 

10 Best New Features of iOS 13

Dark Mode

We all know Apple loves its aesthetics and has a natural flair for it. This new feature adds to this. Dark Mode allows you to view your phone screen easily in low-light settings. So, if you hate the glaring brightness of the white screen in the evenings when you are scrolling through Facebook, this Dark Mode is the feature you need to have.

Dark Mode is also handy during sunsets or early in the morning. 

Apple Sign In

You probably have already seen the “Sign-In” with Google and/or Facebook option to use an application easily or to create a new account. Apple has an answer to this. There will now be a Sign-In with Apple feature! This makes creating accounts on different platforms much easier to do. 

Apple even tells you which applications or sites come with risks for your privacy. This new feature is to ensure its user’s safety. Do not worry, though, as developers are only able to get your name and email, nothing else. And, if you do not want to release your email, this can be anonymous, too. 

Better Photo App

Apple ios 13 photos screen iphone xs 06032019 inline.jpg.large
The new photo display (Image Source: Apple)

Apple is now making it easier for you to see the pictures you take. They have created something called Photo tab where your photos are organized by timeline. 

A special feature that has been added is the ability to view old photos on the same date years back! It is kind of like the “Memories” feature on Facebook. 

When scrolling down your camera roll, the videos you have taken will now be played! You will be able to see a snippet of the video playing with the volume down.

Video Editing

Love editing your photos on your iPhone? Well, now you can do it with videos. Crop and filter away with this new video editing feature. No need for third-party apps! 

Apple Maps

Apple Maps will now be up to par with Google Maps with its Street View feature. There are new roads, buildings, parks, and everything you need to find your way around. Expect new updates for other countries by 2020.

Car Play

Your in-dash experience will now be even better. There will be more information available on the home screen such as the map, the next turn you need to take, and play controls. This is all while you will also be able to play the music you love. Car Play is usable across 500 models of vehicles. 


Apple is saying that the apps on their new software will be able to launch twice as fast. Even unlocking your iPhone will now be speedier. If you use FaceID with an iPhone X, XS Max or XR, you will be able to open your phone 30% faster than the previous upgrade.

Voice Control

Do you love using Siri? Well, this feature is the best one for you. With the new voice control feature, you will now be able to use your voice to do practically anything on your iPhone. 

This is such a great feature for individuals who are disabled! 

Quick Path Typing

Many iPhone users want to have the swipe to type feature on their keyboards. But the iPhone does not have this particular feature, so they turn to third-party apps. Well, that will soon be a thing of the past with this upcoming release. 

Now, users will be able to type on their iPhone keyboards without having to lift a finger. But, if you do not like this feature, you can opt to use the old tapping method. 

Silence Unknown Callers

One of the things hated by most smartphone users is the existence of scam calls or marketers who keep badgering them at ungodly hours. 

With this new iPhone feature, all unknown calls are filtered and redirected to your voicemail so they will not disturb you. This is because your phone will not even ring.

If you’re looking to download new apps on your new iPhone, check out our list of the best apps for the iPhone.

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