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Amazon Announces New Echo Show Speakers With Better Cameras

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Amazon recently announced a new line of smart speakers, including the first Echo Show specifically designed for kids. The tech giant also upgraded the Echo Show 8 and Echo Show 5 with better cameras and other new features. Here’s everything you need to know about Amazon’s new Echo Show smart displays, including their features, release date, price, and more.

What Is an Amazon Echo Show?

An Echo Show is just like any other Alexa-enabled smart speaker, except it has a screen and a camera. You can use these devices as a digital alarm clock, to see a live feed of your video doorbell, or ask Alexa to watch a video from Netflix, YouTube, and more.

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New Echo Show 8 Features

Amazon made the biggest changes to the new Echo Show 8. While it looks identical to the previous model, this new smart display has a more powerful processor and a 13-megapixel (MP) camera. That’s a huge upgrade over the 1 MP camera that came with the last model.

Not only does the new camera improve your picture quality when making a video call, it can now keep you in the frame. Since it features an ultra-wide camera, this new smart display can digitally pan and zoom, which means the camera will stay focused on you when you move.

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With this powerful camera, this smart display can double as a security camera, so you can monitor your home from your smartphone when you’re away. Then you can talk and listen to any friends, family, or pets from anywhere in the world with the built-in two-way audio system.

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Plus, the new processor allows you to set up Alexa routines for your smart home devices when the camera detects motion. For example, you can make all the lights in your kitchen turn on when you walk into the room.

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Like the previous model, you can use the 2021 Echo Show 8 to make video calls on Zoom. And, like all smart displays that Amazon has released recently, the camera has a physical camera shutter that you can close when you want privacy.

Price and Release Date

The new Echo Show 8 is available for pre-order now, but it will not start shipping until June 9. You can get the second-generation model in White or Charcoal Gray for $129.99, which is the exact same price as the previous model now.

New Echo Show 5 Features

Amazon also upgraded the new Echo Show 5’s camera, doubling the pixel count from one megapixel to two. Other than that, the only other physical difference is that you can get this model in a new color, which Amazon calls Deep Blue Sea.

 show 5_1
(Image Source: Amazon)

Like the new Echo Show 8, you can use this second-generation smart display to monitor your home from your smartphone and set up routines based on your motion. However, Amazon did not say whether you will be able to use this new smart display to make video calls on Zoom.

Price and Release Date

The new Echo Show 5 is available for pre-order now, but it won’t start shipping until June 9. You can get it in Charcoal, Glacier White, and Deep Sea Blue for  $84.99, which is actually five dollars cheaper than the previous model costs now.   

New Echo Show 5 Kids Features

Amazon also announced its first smart display specifically designed for children. The Echo Show 5 Kids is just like the new Echo Show 5 in every way, except this model comes with parental controls, kid-friendly Alexa responses, and a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+.

(Image Source: Amazon)

The parental controls on the this new smart display allow you to limit your child’s screen time, designate who they can video chat with, what videos they can watch, and more. The smart display will also filter out age-inappropriate content and block them from shopping online. You can even monitor and review their online activities using Amazon’s Parent Dashboard.

In order to ensure your child’s privacy, this smart display comes with a button that turns the microphone and camera off and a physical shutter that blocks the camera.

echo show kids button
(Image Source: Amazon)

Plus, if you buy the this new smart display, you also get a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+, formerly known as FreeTime Unlimited. This content platform gives your kids access to thousands of age-appropriate movies, books, games, educational apps, and more.

Price and Release Date

The new Echo Show 5 Kids is available for pre-order now, and it will start shipping on June 9. You can only get it in the Chameleon color for $94.99. It also comes with a two-year worry-free guarantee, where Amazon will repair, replace, or refund you if your device breaks for free.

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