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Apple Increases Trade-In Value for iPhones, iPads, and Other Devices

apple trade in program ups prices

Apple recently adjusted the prices in its Trade-In program, so you can get more money for certain iPhones, iPads, and other Apple devices. The tech giant also added new devices that you can trade in, including Samsung Galaxy devices and Google Pixel phones. Here’s everything you need to know about the new trade-in values, and how much Apple will now give you for your old iPhone, iPad, and more.

How Does Apple’s Trade-In Program Work?

Apple’s Trade-In program lets you exchange your old Apple and Android devices for credit. You can use this credit to buy yourself a brand-new Apple product, or you can also get an Apple Store Gift Card, which makes the perfect stocking stuffer.

New Trade-In Value for iPhones

Apple increased the trade-in value for the iPhone 11 Pro Max from $500 to $515. You can also get $465 when you trade in the iPhone 11 Pro now, which is $15 more than before, and $380 for the iPhone 11, which is up by $30.

Apple also increased the value of a few older models, including the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The iPhone 6 now has a trade-in value of $35, up from $30 previously. You can also get an additional $5 for iPhone 6 Plus, which now has a trade-in value of $55.

apple new trade in prices iphone
(Image Source: Apple)

However, Apple decreased the trade-in value of all other iPhone models, with the iPhone XS Max going for only $340 when it used to go for $370. All other iPhone X models have decreased by $30, which is more of a price decrease than any other model. The trade-in value of all other iPhone models decreased by $5 to $30.

After releasing the iPhone 12, Apple probably hopes its new trade-in prices will incentivize customers to buy a new model. If you want to find out more about Apple’s new iPhone lineup, check out our article on the iPhone 12 Event here.

New Trade-In Value for iPads

While Apple only increased the trade-in value for iPhones by $30 at most, you can now get an additional $55 for the iPad Pro. The company’s most expensive tablet now has a trade-in value of $580, up from $525. You can also trade in the iPad for $240 now, up from $235.

apple trade in prices ipad
(Image Source: Apple)

However, you will get less for all other iPad models now, including the iPad Air, which went down $25 from $275 to $250. The iPad mini also has a lower trade-in value of $205 compared to the $215 you could get before.

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New Trade-In Prices for Mac Computers

Although Apple increased the value for most of its products, the company decided to lower the trade-in value of its Mac computers. You will still get the same amount for a MacBook Pro and the Mac Pro as before, but you will get $130 less for an iMac, down from $1,180.

The trade-in value for the iMac Pro and MacBook Air has also decreased by $100 for both devices, down from $3,040 and $630, respectively.

apple trade in prices mac
(Image Source: Apple)

One of the reasons Apple is giving customers less for their old Macs might have to do with the fact that the company recently stopped using Intel processors in its newer computer. If you want to find out more about the Apple’s new M1 chip, check out our article on Apple’s One More Thing Event.

New Prices for Apple Watch Models

Apple also decreased the trade-in value for all its Apple Watch models. Now you will get $5 less for the Series 5, $15 less for the Series 4, and $10 less for the Series 3. All other Apple Watch models have the same trade-in value as before.

(Image Source: Apple)

Apple Adds New Android Devices to Trade-In Program

In addition to adjusting the value of its devices, Apple also added new Android devices to its Trade-In program, including several Samsung Galaxy devices and Google Pixel phones.

Apple will now give you $425 when you trade in the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, and $350 for the Google Pixel 5. The tech giant also removed a few older Android phones from its Trade-In program, including the Google Pixel 3a, the Pixel 2 XL and the Pixel 2.

(Image Source: Apple)

Even if your device is not included in Apple’s Trade-In program, you can still send it to the company to have it recycled for free. Apple accepts everything from old phone cases to monitors, hard drives, and more.

How to Trade In Your Devices with Apple

To trade in your devices with Apple, go to, scroll down, and select what device you have. Then fill out the pop-up form, select your model, and click Trade it in for a gift card. Finally, open your inbox, find the confirmation email, and click Confirm Quote.

how to trade in your iPhone
(Image Source: Apple)

The trade-in value of your devices is based on their condition, and the price for each item on Apple’s website reflects the maximum trade-in value. If you want to find out more about how to use Apple’s Trade-In program to get paid for your old devices, check out our complete guide here.

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