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The 6 Best eBook Reader Apps for 2020

best ebook reader apps

You don’t need to buy an expensive eBook reader to be able to read your eBooks anymore. Now there are lots of great apps that let you read eBooks on your smartphone or a tablet. Some of these apps give you access to millions of books, others let you bookmark your page, so you can pick up where you left off on a different device. Here is our list of the best eBook reader apps for 2020.

Wattpad: Best eBook Reader for Writers

(Image Source: Wattpad)

Wattpad is like a social media platform for writers and readers alike. If you want to support new authors, Wattpad is one of the best eBook readers you can get. However, if you happen to be an aspiring writer, this app could literally be your ticket to getting published. With a thriving community of story-lovers, Wattpad is where you will find a supportive audience for those short stories you’ve been working on.

Wattpad supports multi-device syncing, which means you can install the app on your phone, tablet, or laptop, and you’ll never lose your spot when you switch devices. Wattpad is free, or you can pay a little extra for the ad-free version.

Download: Apple App Store | Google Play Store

FullReader: Best eBook Reader for Android Devices

(Image Source: Google Play Store)

FullReader is only available on Android devices. While it does have its limitations, it lets you read eBooks in more than 20 formats, including ePub, PDF, Mobi, and more. That means you won’t have to convert your books when you add them to the app.

This free eBook reader supports cloud storage, so you can save your books on Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. You also get direct access to online libraries, a built-in translator with support for 95 languages, and the option to have the app read your books out loud.

FullReader also comes with day and night modes, so you won’t strain your eyes while reading on a bright screen. It allows you to adjust fonts, highlight parts of a book, and save your notes.

Download: Google Play Store

KyBook: Best eBook Reader for Apple Devices

KyBook best ebook reader app
(Image Source: KyBook)

With KyBook installed on your Apple smartphone or tablet, you can enjoy eBooks in a wide range of formats. You can read graphic novels, listen to audiobooks, and even access online libraries with free content. This eBook reader app also supports cloud storage, allowing you to save your favorite books on iCloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

KyBook lets you change the color schemes to prevent eye strain. You can also turn pages via scroll, curl, or slide. It even has auto-scrolling if your hands happen to be busy with something else.

This app is free, but it does have a premium version with even more features, such as customizable themes, a user dictionary, and more.

Download: Apple App Store

Scribd: Biggest eBook Library

sribd best ebook reader app
(Image Source: Google Play Store)

While Scribd isn’t free, it does offer an extensive collection of books, audiobooks, magazines, and even sheet music. The Scribd library has over 1 million eBooks and audiobooks, hundreds of magazines, and the world’s largest document library. The app gives you access to over 60 million documents, from official government reports, academic dissertations, and more.

Scribd is also chock full of fantastic features that let you customize your font, adjust your brightness levels, and change the scroll direction. A Scribd subscription costs $8.99 a month, but you can try it out for free by signing up for a 30-day trial.

Download: Apple App Store | Google Play Store

Libby: Best App for Finding Free eBooks

libby ebook reader app
(Image Source: Google Play Store)

Did you know your local library has eBooks and audiobooks that you can borrow? And no, you don’t have to drive to the library to borrow them. All you need is the Libby app and a library card, and you can read thousands of eBooks for free.

If you have multiple library cards, you can use them to borrow eBooks from multiple libraries. And, if you have multiple devices, the app will remember your loan history and what page you were on between devices.

You can even choose to read on the Kindle by sending any eBooks you borrowed to that device. With this free app, you can read eBooks and listen to audiobooks for free, even when you’re offline.

Download: Apple App Store | Google Play Store

Amazon Kindle: Best All-Around eBook Reader

amazon kindle ebook reader best
(Image Source: Amazon)

Being a leader in the digital book industry, it only makes sense that Amazon Kindle has one of the best eBook reader apps on the market. This app gives you access to a huge library of millions of eBooks, audiobooks, magazines, and comics.

Plus, you can customize your text, take notes, bookmark your page across devices, zoom with ease, and seamlessly switch between eBooks and audiobooks. Basically, this app has everything that other eBook readers have, but it just does everything a little better. Plus, if you already have an Amazon smart speaker, you can pair the app with that, and have Alexa read you to sleep.

Amazon’s Kindle app is available on Android or Apple devices for free. However, you can upgrade to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited for $9.99 a month. This gives you unlimited access to more than 1 million books, audiobooks, and magazines.

Download: Apple App Store | Google Play Store 

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