Roku Announces New Streaming Devices, Remote, and OS Update

Roku Announces New Streaming Devices, Voice Remote, and OS Update

Roku recently announced two new streaming devices, including the budget-friendly Roku Express 4K+ and the all-in-one Roku Soundbar Pro. The streaming company also unveiled a system update that brings some long-awaited features to most Roku devices. Here’s everything you need to know about Roku’s newest devices, the new Roku OS 10 update, and how to update your device manually.

New Roku Express 4K+

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The new Roku Express 4K+ is one of the cheapest streaming devices on the market that supports 4K content and high-dynamic-range (HDR). That means your picture will be clearer, brighter, and more colorful when you stream certain movies and TV shows.  

The updated streaming device will support HDR, HDR10, and HDR10+. However, it is important to note that you can only get the benefits of HDR if you have a compatible 4K TV and streaming service. To find out more about what HDR is and which streaming services support high-dynamic-range, check out our previous article here.

The Roku Express 4K+ now features dual-band WiFi connectivity, so you can choose between a strong connection and a long-range connection. Unlike the previous model, the Roku Express 4K+ comes with a new voice remote, and it works with Alexa and the Google Assistant. That means you can use voice commands to control your TV, find a new movie to watch, and more.

You can pre-order the Roku Express 4K+ now for $39.99, but it won’t start shipping until May 16.

New Roku Streambar Pro

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The Roku Streambar Pro is a unique all-in-one device that lets you stream movies and gives you cinema-quality sound. As a streaming device, it supports 4K and HDR content, and, as a soundbar, it supports Roku’s new “Virtual Surround” feature. The company says this new setting “creates spacious sound that moves around the room for an enhanced audio experience.”

This 32-inch soundbar is much bigger than the previous 14-inch model, which allows it to house bigger internal speakers and deliver a larger soundstage. You can also connect to this smart soundbar using Bluetooth, making it perfect for streaming music from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

You can pre-order the new Roku Streambar Pro now for $179.99, but it won’t start shipping until May 21.

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New Roku Voice Remote Pro

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Roku also made significant updates to its voice remote. The new Roku Voice Remote Pro comes with an “always listening” feature, so you can control your TV without even touching your remote. All you have to do is say, “Hey, Roku,” and you can use voice commands to turn on your TV, find a movie, play, pause, rewind, adjust the volume, and even find your remote.  

If you want to know how to control your existing TV with Alexa, check out our step-by-step guide here.

Unlike previous Roku remotes, this new model can be recharged with a standard USB charger, so you don’t have to change out batteries again. Plus, this is the first Roku remote that comes with customizable shortcut buttons, so you can finally open your favorite apps or launch other commands with a single button.

You can order the new Roku Voice Remote Pro now for $29.99. It is designed to work with most other Roku streaming devices.

Roku OS 10 Update

The new Roku OS 10 update comes packed with highly-anticipated features, including Instant Resume. This new feature will take you to the moment you stopped watching a movie or TV show. This way, you don’t have to spend time fast-forwarding and rewinding content to resume where you left off.

The new Instant Resume feature only works with 15 channels at the moment, including Fox News, Fubo Sports, the Roku Channel, and more. The streaming company also said that it would bring Instant Resume to other channels soon.  

If you’re an Apple user, you will also be able to stream movies and music from your iPhone using AirPlay 2 on almost any old Roku device once you update to Roku OS 10. If you want to know how to mirror your iPhone to Roku, check out our step-by-step guide here.

The new Roku OS 10 update also lets you hide and “favorite” individual channels and quickly switch between All Channels, Recently Visited,and Favorites. There are also some minor visual changes, voice-command improvements, and a few model-specific upgrades.

Roku OS 10 is available now, but the streaming company said it will be rolling out to all supported devices within the next few weeks.

How to Update to Roku OS 10

Your Roku device should automatically update daily, but you can also update it manually. To do this, turn on your Roku device, press the Home button, and go to Settings > System > System Update > Check now. If there is an update available, select the Update Now option.

Check out our post on how to update Roku for a complete step-by-step process.

How to Update to Roku OS 10

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