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The Best Computer Desks for Your Home or Office

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If you’ve been working or studying from home, you know how important it is to have a dedicated workspace with a comfortable desk. Sitting at your kitchen table for eight hours a day can cause back pain, fatigue, and other health problems. Here is our list of the best computer desks, from small budget models to high-end standing desks for gamers, and everything in between.  

Coleshome Computer Desk: Best Budget Option

Coleshome Computer Desk Best Budget Option1
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If you’re looking for a budget computer desk, Coleshome has one of the most durable options for under $50. Unlike most computer desks at its price point, this Coleshome model has a thick metal frame with metal brackets in each corner and a metal beam at the bottom of each leg to prevent it from wobbling. Plus, it also has adjustable feet, so you can make sure it is always level, even if your floor is uneven. 

The desktop is waterproof, and it comes in a variety of different colors to match your home office. You can also get this modern desk in several sizes, from 31 inches to 63 inches. 

OneSpace Stanton Desk: Best Desk for Small Spaces

OneSpace Stanton Desk Best Desk for Small Spaces
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Lightweight and compact, the OneSpace Stanton desk is a great option for really tight spaces. With its 27.5 by 19-inch desktop, you’ll, have just enough space for a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and maybe a few other accessories. The bottom shelf is also the perfect size to store your computer tower or a printer.

Designed with a tubular steel frame and PVC-lined boards, the Onespace Stanton desk is durable and sturdy for its size. It has adjustable feet to prevent it from wobbling too much, and the bottom shelf provides stability to the frame.

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GreenForest Folding Desk: Best Folding Model

GreenForest Folding Desk Best for Small Spaces
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The GreenForest folding computer desk is one of the best options if you live in an apartment or home without a dedicated home office. Unlike other folding desks, this GreenForest model comes with a second tier, which is big enough to hold a computer monitor or anything else you want to keep out of the way. 

With its unique design, the main desktop is reinforced by metal bars on each side, which makes it more sturdy than other folding desks. Weighing only 25 pounds, the GreenForest folding computer desk is easy to carry. And, since it folds up to be around an inch and a half, you can store it under your bed, couch, and lots of other hiding places.

Topsky Computer Desk with Bookshelf: Best Heavy-Duty Model

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If you’re looking for a computer desk that will last a lifetime, this heavy-duty model from Topsky is one of the best models you can find at its price point. While it has a modern design, it is also very durable with a solid desktop that is over an inch thick. Weighing over 60 pounds, this desk uses steel beams all around the frame to keep it from wobbling. 

At 23 inches deep and 55 inches wide, the waterproof desktop gives you more than enough space to get your work done. Plus, there is a small shelf under the desktop, where you can store things out of view to keep your desk decluttered. As an added bonus, you can hide all your wires by snaking them through the grommet hole in the back of the desk. 

Teraves Reversible L Shaped Desk: Best for Corners

Teraves Reversible L Shaped Computer Desk with Shelves Best for Corners
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If you’re looking for a corner desk, the Teraves Reversible L Shaped desk is one of the most convenient options because it has interchangeable panels. That means you can decide for yourself where to put the long and short sides.

The long side is nearly 70 inches wide and features two stylish shelves at the end, while the short side is just under 55 inches wide and features a hole in the corner where you can mount your monitors using an arm stand. The desktop is also 30 inches deep, giving you more than enough room for all your devices.

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Sauder Edge Water Desk: Best Computer Desk with Drawers

Sauder Edge Water
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Most computer desks these days look a lot more like tables. If you want a more traditional desk, the Sauder Edge Water Desk is one of the best budget options you can get. With its 23 by 60-inch desktop, you’ll have more than enough room to set up multiple monitors and still get your work done. 

This elegant desk gives you two pull-out drawers on one side to keep all your files and office supplies. The cabinet on the other side is the perfect size for storing a computer tower if you want to keep it hidden. Plus, there is a sliding tray under the desktop where you can keep your keyboard and mouse for a totally clutter-free workspace.  

Fully Jarvis: Best Standing Desk

standing desk
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According to a study from the International Journal of Workplace Health Management, 65% of workers who use a standing desk see an increase in productivity, while 47% experienced less back, shoulder, and neck pain. 

The Fully Jarvis standing desk lets you adjust the height of your workspace with the touch of a button. Using the LED controls mounted under the front of the desktop, you can raise this desk from 30 inches off the floor all the way to 49 inches off the floor and anywhere in between.

The Fully Jarvis desk’s legs are made of steel rather than aluminum, allowing it to lift up to 350 pounds. The legs provide a lot of stability, but there’s also a lot of space under the desk. While there are cheaper models with a laminate desktop, but this model is made with natural bamboo to brighten up your home office.  

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