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The Best Video Doorbells for Any Budget

The Best Video Doorbells for Your Smart Home 1

Video doorbells come with smart cameras built in, so you can see who’s at your front door from your smartphone. Most video doorbells also have speakers, microphones, motion detectors, and tons of other features that help you keep an eye on your home from anywhere in the world. Here’s our list of the best video doorbells for any smart home ecosystem and every budget.

If you’re having trouble picking the right video doorbell, take our short quiz below. By answering a few simple questions, you can find the perfect model for you and your needs.

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All of the video doorbells on this list require you to have a download speed of at least 2 Mbps (megabits per second) at your front door.

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Ring Video Doorbell Wired: Best Budget Model

Riddle ring doorbell wired
(Image Source: Ring)
  • Works With: Alexa
  • Camera Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Field of view: 155° horizontal, 90° vertical
  • Subscription: Starts at $3.99/month

The Ring Video Doorbell Wired is one of the most affordable models on the market, but it gives you all the features you really need. It lets you see, hear, and speak to your guests from your smartphone, and you’ll receive real-time notifications whenever the motion detector goes off.

However, this video doorbell does require you to pay for a Ring Protect plan in order to save your video clips to the cloud and review them later. With this subscription, you’ll also get easy-to-use features found in more expensive Ring doorbells, including Customizable Motion Zones, Privacy Zones, and Pre-Roll.

Since it is hardwired, you’ll need to replace an existing doorbell to install this model. Also, this model will not work with your existing chime. So, you’ll have to buy a Ring Chime device separately or use Alexa smart speakers to hear your doorbell chime.

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If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of installing your video doorbell, HelloTech can send a technician to your home as soon as today. Our hand-picked experts are fully vetted and insured to install your video doorbell, replace a transformer, install chimes, and more.

Arlo Essential (Wired): Best Video Doorbell for Security

Riddle Arlo Essential
(Image Source: Arlo)
  • Works With: Alexa, Google, Apple HomeKit
  • Camera Resolution: 1536 x 1536 pixels
  • Field of view: 180°
  • Subscription: Starts at $2.99/month (per device)

The Arlo Essential can tell the difference between people, packages, vehicles, and animals. Then you can customize your notifications, so you don’t get alerts every time a car drives down the street. And, with its 180-degree ultra-wide field of view, this video doorbell lets you see more of your front porch than most other models.

Unlike other video doorbells that send you notifications when someone presses your doorbell button, the Arlo Essential will actually call your phone. These video calls allow you to quickly see and speak to any visitors. If you don’t want to answer, they can leave a voice message, so you can review it later.

The Arlo Essential also comes with anti-theft features, such as a built-in siren that automatically sounds if someone tries to tamper with your doorbell. You can also trigger the siren manually from your smartphone to ward off unwanted guests.

However, many of these features, including cloud storage and Activity Zones, require an Arlo Secure subscription, which starts at $3 a month. And while it works with Alexa and Google, you’ll need a separate SmartHub to connect it to Apple HomeKit.

Eufy Security S220: Best Video Doorbell with No Subscription

Riddle eufy 2k
(Image Source: Amazon)
  • Works With: Alexa, Google Voice Assistant
  • Camera Resolution: 2560 x 1920 pixels
  • Field of view: 180°
  • Subscription: Not required, but cloud storage starts at $2.99/month (per device)

If you don’t want to pay a monthly subscription fee at all, the eufy Security video doorbell gives you a way to save your video clips for free. With 4GB of internal storage, this model can store 30 days’ worth of encrypted video clips, which ensures your videos are always private.  

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The eufy Security video doorbell can recognize the difference between people and pets, so you don’t get notifications every time a stray cat walks in your yard. Plus, this video doorbell has Activity Zones, three seconds of Pre-Roll footage, and it lets you record audio messages for your guests when you’re not able to answer the door.

This video doorbell has a higher-resolution camera that supports HDR (high-dynamic range), which makes it easier to see details in the shadows and at night. Plus, the camera has a taller field of view than most models, which lets you see your guests from head to toe.

While it won’t work with your existing doorbell chime, this model comes with a free chime that you can plug into any outlet in your home. There’s also a wireless version of this model that also works with your existing doorbell and lets you store 16GB of videos to a HomeBase device in your home.

Nest Doorbell (2nd Gen): Best for Google Home

Riddle Nest Doorbell
(Image Source: Google)
  • Works With: Google
  • Resolution: 960 x 1280 pixels
  • Field of view: 145°
  • Subscription: Not Required, but subscriptions start at $6 a month

The Nest Doorbell is Google’s newest video doorbell, and it’s one of the only models on the market that doesn’t require you to pay a monthly subscription fee to save your video clips. However, Google only gives 3 hours of storage for free. So, if it records a video in the middle of the night, it might be gone by the morning.

Without the subscription, you’ll still get access to advanced features like Activity Zones and Smart Alerts. The new Nest Doorbell can detect people, animals, packages, and vehicles, and then you can customize your notifications to filter out the ones you don’t need to receive.

With a Nest Aware subscription, you can store video clips for up to 30 days for $8 a month. But, with the Nest Aware Plus subscription for $15 a month, you’ll also get 24/7 continuous video recording. Then you can review everything that happened in front of your door for the last 10 days, even if it doesn’t trigger the motion detector.

This doorbell works with your existing chime, or you can use a Google smart speaker. There is also a battery-powered version that is cheaper and easier to install. The wireless Nest Doorbell also comes with wires that you can connect to your transformer, but it won’t give you the ability to record 24/7.

Logitech Circle View: Best for Apple HomeKit

Riddle Logitech circle view
(Image Source: Apple)
  • Works With: Apple HomeKit
  • Resolution: 1200 x 1600 pixels
  • Field of view: 160°
  • Subscription: Starts at $2.99/month

If you use Apple HomeKit, there are only a few video doorbells that will work with your smart home setup. In fact, according to Apple’s list of HomeKit-compatible devices, the Logitech Circle View is one of the only video doorbells you can buy in the US that supports HomeKit Secure Video for end-to-end encryption on all your Apple devices.

This video doorbell comes with an HD camera that supports HDR and color night vision. There’s also a very bright light on the front that turns on when motion is detected, giving you great video quality, even on the darkest nights. With its 160-degree field of view and taller, portrait-style video, you’ll be able to see your guests from head to toe.

However, in order to save and review your video clips, you will need an iCloud+ subscription of 200 GB or more, which starts at $3 a month. You will also need an Apple TV, HomePod, HomePod Mini, or an iPad to use as a central home hub. Then you will get 10 days’ worth of video recordings that you can review from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer.

With its sleek design and glass face, Logitech Circle View is the perfect fit for any Apple user’s home. This smart device needs to be hardwired, and you will need to replace an existing doorbell when you install it. You can also use your existing doorbell chime or pair it with your HomePod speakers to hear the chime from any room.

Ring Battery Doorbell Plus: Best for Alexa Users

ring video doobell battery plus best for alexa
(Image Source: Amazon)
  • Works With: Alexa
  • Resolution: 1536 x 1536
  • Field of view: 150° horizontal, 150° vertical
  • Subscription: Starts at $3.99/month

According to Ring, their latest video doorbell is “the most significant update yet to our battery doorbell lineup.” The biggest upgrade was made to the battery, which now lasts three times longer than the first doorbell they released.

This doorbell can be powered with your existing doorbell wiring, or you can keep it wireless and power it with the built-in battery. One of the best new features of this new video doorbell is the Quick-Release battery pack, which lets you quickly remove your battery and charge it when your doorbell starts to die.

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The Battery Doorbell Plus has the highest resolution camera of any model Ring has ever released. And since it records square videos, you’ll be able to see visitors from head to toe. This makes it much better than previous models for receiving package alerts and catching porch pirates.

Plus, this video doorbell offers four seconds of color Pre-Roll footage, so you can clearly see what triggered a motion event before it even happened. You’ll also get features like Activity Zones, Rich Notifications, Quick Replies, Package Alerts, and more. However, you will need a Ring Protect subscription in order to use some of the advanced features.

If you have any problems installing your doorbell, you can always reach out to HelloTech. We can send a technician to your home to fix your video doorbell as soon as today. Our technicians will also show you how to use the app and answer any other questions you may have.

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