What Is a Mesh WiFi System?

What is a Mesh WiFi System

A Mesh WiFi system gives you access to fast, secure, and interrupted internet connectivity from several access points. In a mesh WiFi system, there is a main router that connects to your modem and several “satellite nodes” that you can place around your house. This way, you will be able to get rid of any WiFi “dead spots” and enjoy solid internet coverage. Here’s everything you need to know about what a mesh WiFi system is and how it works.

Mesh WiFi System vs Traditional Router

With a traditional WiFi system, your connectivity is limited to the range of your router. The farther you are from your router, the weaker your signal gets. A mesh WiFi system, on the other hand, blankets your home with signal through multiple router-like devices.

Mesh WiFi System vs Traditional Router
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With a mesh WiFi system, your signal won’t be blocked by barriers, like walls and doors. So, you can eliminate any dead zones in your home. This is especially useful in large homes, where a traditional router won’t have the signal strength to reach every room.

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How Does a Mesh WiFi System Work?

A mesh WiFi system uses two or more satellite nodes, which function just like additional routers. One node is connected to your modem and works as the main router, while the rest of the nodes are placed throughout the house to create a reliable WiFi network.

All these nodes communicate with one another to determine which one provides the fastest and strongest signal for your device. This ability to communicate also enables seamless roaming. With this feature, you get to stay connected to your WiFi steadily even if you are walking around the house, and your device is switching from one node to another.

How Does a Mesh WiFi System Work
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The nodes also communicate in such a way that if one of them fails or malfunctions, the others will reroute traffic data, so you can stay online. Plus, it’s easy for you to add as many nodes as you want, so you’ll never have to worry about WiFi dead zones again.

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Is Mesh WiFi the Same as WiFi Extenders?

Having a mesh WiFi system is similar to having a bunch of WiFi range extenders, except it’s easier to set up, and it does not sacrifice speed for connectivity.

While a mesh system keeps you on one network, most WiFi extenders are set up under separate networks. As such, WiFi extenders require you to manually sign in to a new network to maintain connectivity.

Moreover, a mesh WiFi system delivers a faster and more efficient internet signal than a WiFi extender. This is because every node in a mesh system functions as a router, whereas range extenders simply duplicate the signal of the original router. In other words, a mesh system creates a new signal point with each node, while a WiFi extender simply boosts the main router’s signal.

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