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The Best Free Nutrition Apps

best nutrition apps

Nutrition apps can help you count your calories and get other useful information about the food you eat. You can also sync some nutrition apps with your fitness devices and apps to track your workout goals. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or just eat healthier, here are the best nutrition apps for 2020.

MyNetDiary – Best Nutrition Tracker App for iPhone

(Image Source: MyNetDiary)

MyNetDiary is a weight loss and nutrition assistant that promises to give you a healthier life. The app gives you access to a food database with over 800,000 entries. While this might be less than the other best nutrition apps, MyNetDiary discards the results for duplicate, discontinued, and out-of-date foods to give users only verified and accurate results.

The app has a host of features that make calorie counting a breeze. The Staple Foods Catalog has over 900 basic food items that you can browse and search for. If you’re an iPhone user, you can take advantage of the unique augmented reality grocery check. Simply scan the barcode of a grocery item, and the app displays a color-coded food grade and macros about the nutrients it contains.

The paid version of the app gives you a detailed daily and weekly analysis of calories burned and consumed. You can see feedback about what’s going great. Moreover, the app tells you what you need to improve, along with information to help you get the desired result.

Download: Apple App Store

Fooducate – Best App for Nutritional Information

fooducate - Best App for Nutritional Information
(Image Source: Google Play Store)

It can be hard to figure out exactly what’s in your food just by reading the nutrition labels alone. With the Fooducate app, you can find out if your food contains harmful ingredients, like added sugars, trans fats, or MSG. Once you track what you eat, the app measures the calorie quality of the food and gives you a food grade. Healthy, unprocessed foods tend to have higher scores. But if the item has a low food grade, the app gives you suggestions for healthier alternatives.

When you upgrade to the premium Pro version, you can get a breakdown of your intake of proteins, carbs, fiber, and more. You will also get advanced tools for diet-specific training, such as low-carb, Keto, or Paleo. In addition, you get an ad-free experience and tracking for certain metrics, like body measurements, blood pressure, and more.

Download: Apple App Store / Google Play Store

Lifesum – Best Diet App

Lifesum - Best Diet App
(Image Source: Google Play Store)

Sticking to a diet can be challenging. With the Lifesum app, you can lose weight in as little as three weeks with pre-planned meals designed for your goals and taste. There are diet plans for Keto, Paleo, sugar detox, and many more. The premium version, which starts at $3.75 per month, gives you access to specialized diets and syncing features with other fitness apps.

Aside from the usual calorie tracker and macro tracking features that are also on other apps, Lifesum also has a habit tracker. For instance, you can count the bottles of water or servings of fruits, vegetables, and seafood you have consumed. At the end of the week, the app gives you a Life Score. This measures how healthy you are based on 16 nutrition and exercise measurements.

Download: Apple App Store / Google Play Store

Lose It! – Best Nutrition App for Weight Loss

(Image Source: Google Play Store)

Lose It! lets you keep track of your food and exercise to help you reach your ideal weight. Whether you follow a Whole 30, Keto, vegan, or vegetarian diet, Lose It! makes it easy to count calories. The app even lets you take a photo of your food to know how many calories it has. This app also has a barcode scanner, or you can search the app’s extensive food library database with over 27 million entries.

You can sync the app with your fitness tracking devices and apps to see how many calories you burned. The premium version allows you to participate in weight loss activities. You can do challenges with family members, friends, or other Lose It! app users, to make losing weight a fun, social activity.

Download: Apple App Store / Google Play Store

MyFitnessPal – Best Calorie Counter App

(Image Source: Google Play Store)

MyFitnessPal is one of the best calorie-counting apps you can have on your phone. The app has a database with information on more than 300 million food items for tracking your daily calorie consumption. You can even find information about food items by scanning bar codes. As a result, keeping a food diary is easier, which studies show helps you lose twice as much weight.

The app also comes with an exercise tracker that connects to more than 50 apps and devices. This means you can track your workouts and calories in one app. The app will show you daily logs and charts, along with suggestions on how to reach your goals by certain times.

Download: Apple App Store / Google Play Store

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